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‘How you doing?’ Or rather, how would you be doing if you won a Limited Edition Friends prize pack with two oversized cappuccino mugs and a picture frame just like the one on Monica’s door? I’ve got a great competition for you – all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is play the APP (below) and leave a comment telling me which Friends character you are (I’m Rachel  - it was my passion for shopping that swung it).

Also, and sorry to sound all Monica about this, for extra entries you can follow mummy rates it on Facebook, on Twitter @mummyratesit and tell me about your favourite Friends moment but please do each as separate comments.



The competition will close at 5pm on 30th November 2012. The prize will be sent via FedEx or UPS. No P.O. Boxes please. UK entries only.

The winner will be emailed and needs to respond by the 1st December 2012 with their address or another winner will be selected. Thank you and Good Luck!

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  1. 56% Monica

  2. I’m rachael too and I always thought I would be Phoebe!

  3. followed mummy rates it on Facebook :-)

  4. followed on twitter @esthermate

  5. My favourite friends moment was the one when monica and chandler get their twins!

  6. I was rachel too

  7. I couldn\’t\’t be Monica because of my aversion to cleaning and Phoebe is just too dippy. have to be Rachel.

  8. Hiya
    Somehow I am Ross!!! Thought I would either be Rachel or Monica ;)

    • Oh Kaz that made me laugh! Thinking of you as Ross.

      • Nooo am Ross again!!…closely followed by Rachel this time and not Monica!!

  9. My fav moment is when Monica and chandler propose with room full of candles…as I write this I have goosebumps! Soppy side of me coming out!

    • Bless your cotton socks. I remember that one – they’re both down on their knees and they know what’s coming and the live audience are getting really excited. Aaaah. x

  10. And I could watch that episode of Rachel in labour a million times more yet – that bit when the other bloke offers Ross a feel of his wife’s dilation …..Aaaagh awful but hilarious. And JA acting her finest. fabulous.

    • My fave bit is when Ross and Rachel argue and she chases after him and screams at him (in front of all the other Friends) ‘Just so you know: it’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy, and it IS a big deal!’

  11. david schwimmer

  12. 44% rachel and 33 % chandler which sounds about right

  13. I\’m like Chandler – no surprise to anyone that knows me
    Favourite Friends moment – Rachel in labour episode when she headbutts Ross. Comedy Gold in an episode that is filled with comedy gems (including a fab interlude with the annoying Jaaaaaa-nice!)

  14. I\’m a monica…really psycho about certain things, amazing with food and a neat freak

  15. I’m Phoebe! :)

  16. i’m Monica.

  17. follow mummy rates it on Facebook as claire samuel

  18. I\’m a Rachel with Monica as a second place!

  19. I am more Ross, which makes sense because I am a geek.

  20. My favourite moment (or moments) is probably the bits about unagi (did I spell it right) in that episode where they learn self defence.

  21. I am following you on Twitter. @yyesidolikecake

  22. Ross, I’m afraid..

  23. 56% Ross lol very nearly Rachel though x

  24. Liked on Facebook as Kelly Hanson

  25. im chanandler bong lol

  26. Monica…. oh so true, fab game and prize, fingers and toes crossed!
    I love Friends!

  27. Mostly Rachel

  28. I’m most like Rachel!

  29. Like and posted on your Facebook – Kara Walker

  30. Followed and tweeted you – @funkiichiicka

  31. i came out as ross

  32. ive liked u on fb (anna marikar)

  33. 56% Ross, oh no!

  34. I\’m Rachel, must have been the shopping x

  35. 56% Phoebe…Yey!
    and 22% Ross and Joey.
    I am a huge Friends fan, I grew up with it and its incredible awesomeness. Thanks for this opportunity! Fingers crossed!

  36. I just love it all so many brilliant snippets. Love Monica’s humidity hair (my hubby calls me Monica when same problem happens to me!) love the episode when they are at school and Monica gets stuck in the chair…love the storyline of Joey in love with Rachel…could be here all night!!

  37. Monica

  38. a Cross between Monica & Ross

  39. Monica!

  40. 33% Rachel :)

  41. My favourite ever moment is when Joey hits Ross in the coffee shop (after his proposal that never was) Not only were the ‘hits’ funny, but the look on Gunthers face in the background….and then at the end of the episode he hits him again, classic and im laughing just thinking about it :)

  42. Liked on facebook and following on twitter (@Catowen2000)

  43. I am Rachel

  44. The app says I am 33% Joey AND Rachel but I\’ve always thought I was the female version of Chandler. Could I be anymore like him?!

  45. 33% Rachel

  46. 33% phoebe

  47. Rachel, which surprised me!

  48. Ross

  49. Rachel

  50. another 33% Rachel!

  51. following on Facebook

  52. following on Twitter @freyerj

  53. I am Joey :)

  54. 44% Joey

  55. Following on Twitter – @MorningPostie

  56. I\’m Monica which I expected! My favourite Friends moments are the flashbacks to when they were at college :-)

  57. I\’m Joey

  58. Oh no Im Monica lol x

  59. I\’m Monica. No surprise there.

  60. My favourite moment in Friends has to be when Rachael picks up one of Joey’s cushions, and asks : “Is this real Muppet skin?” So funny, I laugh every time.

  61. 1 million percent rachel

  62. Phoebe.

    I wouldn\’t mind, but I asked the questions to my husband and put his answers in.

  63. liked on facebook , my favourite friends moment is when the build the big poking stick to poke the naked fat man in the appartment across from them. makes me howl with laughter every time x

  64. im phoebe

  65. i got Rachel ~ *nods head in agreement*

  66. Joey. :)

  67. I\’m Chandler!

  68. Following on Facebook Michelle Grundy

  69. Following on Twitter @luckygoldcat

  70. im rachel, prob because im a real shopping addict!

  71. Liked on Facebook

  72. Following on twitter

  73. Most of my favourites are Ross moments: Ross and the teeth whitener, Ross and the leather trousers, Ross and his keyboard skills and Ross and that daft hairdo on the flashback to college days.

  74. Rachel :-)

  75. mostly monica lol its the ocd

  76. I\’m Ross – only 33% though, so not a huge majority (always thought of myself as more of a Chandler tbh!)

  77. I got Monica – I am very bossy! xoxo

  78. Am a liker on fb xoxo

  79. Am following on twitter @tinkertink2010 xoxo

  80. My favourite moments was when Ross and Rachel had THAT kiss in Central Perk! xoxo

    • Ooh yes that is a good moment – she can’t get the door unlocked!

  81. Im Phoebe lol ;)

  82. I\’m Ross!!

  83. Like you on Facebook

  84. Following you on Twitter

  85. Chandler! :D

  86. Ross

  87. I like on Facebook as Nick Hopkins

  88. Following on Twitter


  89. I\’m most like Ross!

  90. Phoebe and Rachel

  91. following on facebook as Samantha Ripley

  92. following on twitter @lillyfer85

  93. I \’m Monica!

  94. Phoebe for me!

  95. Love the Rachel in Labour episode, so funny!

  96. Have liked you on facebook!

  97. Chandler

  98. Half Ross Half Monica

  99. im 33% joey & 33% rachel basicly i like to eat and shop lol :D

    • Oh and my fav moment (there are loads!) Would probaley be when Rachel and ross kiss for the first time in central perk :D

  100. Monica

  101. Rachel!!

  102. Following on twitter @dominiquecarlo

  103. im joey :)

  104. I’m Monica!

  105. Phoebe!

  106. I\’m Phoebe Buffay, i guess it could be worse!

  107. Rachel

  108. Well. Silly app says Ross, but I am definitely more of a Phoebe!

  109. And my favourite friends moment has to be ‘Paper. snow. A GHOST’ :D

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