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Competition — 13 September 2012

You’ve all been so charming this week – putting up with me bleating on about Blogging Buddies and losing weight and power-walking and Zumba (nearly sent myself off to sleep then) that I thought I’d treat you …. to a mini competition.

Groupon competition on

You must have heard of Groupon? The site has become so popular I wouldn’t be surprised if Groupon hasn’t joined Amazeballs and Mummy Porn as a new word in the Collins online dictionary. If you’ve been on the Moon for the last year or so I’ll tell you, Groupon is a discount voucher/deal site that has daily and weekly offers for all towns and cities around the UK. What kind of offers I hear you cry? Well, you could snap up a voucher and save money on meals in Manchester, a bargain make-up lesson in Barry or a load of shopping at a fraction of the usual price in London.
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Groupon has very kindly given little old mummyratesit a £30 voucher to give away to a deserving individual such as yourself. In the spirit of Blogging Buddies and in an effort to shape up and get shifting you may like to spend it on 10 day passes to the gym, horse riding lessons or ten Tango lessons? Failing that you could just blow it all on a great night out for you and a pal at Dream Idols (pic below). Whatever floats your boat, there’s heaps of choice so it really is up to you!

Groupon Competition on Dream Idols
To be in with a chance of winning the vouchers I’d like you to (using the comment box below) look on the Groupon website and tell me which offer you would put the £30 voucher towards and why.

This competition has now closed. Thank you for entering. The winner, Hayley Ali has been notified.


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  1. Hi and thanks for the giveaway
    I’d love to use the voucher for Afternoon Tea to treat my Mum x

  2. I would use it for a haircut and highlights. My hair is a disgrace! @esthermate

  3. I would use the prize voucher for a haircut deal, because I’m feeling a bit frumpy and unattractive right now, I would love a little treat to pick me up.

  4. Hi I would put the voucher towards a visit to the chiropractor, as a nurse my back has been sore for a while, it would be good to get some tlc for my back.

  5. A massage as my shoulders hurt :( and it would be relaxing :)

  6. I would get the full body massage for my mum :o ) x

  7. I’d like to take my mum on one of the Cup Cake decorating days, so we can have a mum and daughter day.

  8. I think I would have a relaxing massage…not had one for ages.

  9. Towards a haircut as I desperately need one!!

  10. Hi I need a massage right now, my shoulder feels like a dead weight n my backs killing! atlhough I think thats due to my dodgy matress, on second thoughts maybe I need a matress instead, do u do matresses or beds perhaps? :)

  11. I would book a body massage for both me and my other half!

  12. I would put it towards a haircut!

  13. To attend a cupcake decorating class that I saw recently so I can make my own pretty cakes for my daughter’s future bday party’s!

  14. Lovely prize, i’d use the voucher for my mums birthday which is coming up soon :)

  15. I would put it towards a Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover

  16. A nice dinner out for me and my fiance. He has been amazing lately and deserves a treat!

  17. I’d use it for something weird and wonderful – Groupon have some fab offers!

  18. Ooo seeing as though there are no exersize activities on there near me I would either take my mum for afternoon tea to cheer her up as shes going through a tough time at the min or as a goal for myself I would have a pamper session with massage but I’d book if for when i’ve lost my first stone but it expires in december so that would give me something to work towards x

  19. treat the kids to jungle park or cinema for a fab day out

  20. I would pamper my wife Karen mother to my four wonderfull children she does deserve a break

  21. I’d use the voucher towards taking my parents out for a meal to say thank you to my dad for looking after my mum so well after her stroke and also to make up for him missing his birthday as she was in hospital. I’ve looked on the website and found a fab deal for a posh restaurant nearby which even includes champagne! x

  22. I’d put the voucher towards a spa break for myself (how selfish.hehe) because I think I deserve a bit of relaxation.

  23. i would put it towards a cupcake making class for and my best mate or a good zumba session

  24. I would treat myself to a haircut!

  25. I’d have two sessions of Bright Light Therapy (from my local Groupon offers) to stave off the Winter Blues now the nights are getting darker!

  26. Cupcake decorating with Afternoon tea because I love cupcakes, but I can’t ice them, they look they’ve been decorated by a 3 year old, no matter how hard I try

  27. I’d put the voucher towards a great weekend away, some great ones on offer on Groupon.

  28. A stay in the Lake District sounds lovely

  29. Being 23 weeks pregnant and the stress going through it alone. I would use it for a pregnancy massage to help relieve the stress..

  30. I would like to put it towards a personalised acrylic glass photo print, so I can put one of my photos from my recent holiday to South Africa on the wall. It would be a lovely reminder of a fab time.

  31. I would use the voucher for the cinema tickets, haven’t been for ages!

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