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Fashion & Beauty Homepage Slider — 14 April 2013

I have been absent from the blog for a while due to moving house and planning our travels so excuse my lack of regular blogging. A few weeks ago we had a leaving party at our house and of course, knowing me, no party is rockin’ without an outfit to match…

Wiggle Dress by ASOS
I was so busy charging around selling just about anything that could be sold combined with all-to-frequent trips to the charity shop and the dump that I had no time to hit the shops. Instead I hit the net – in this instance ASOS.

I must say lack of choice wasn’t an issue, there were plenty of great numbers to choose from but I was particularly taken with the Wiggle Dress in Border Wallpaper Print and the T Shirt Dress In Monoclash Print. Both dresses were from ASOS’ own collection (created by its London based Design Team) and were pocket-friendly at £42 and £55.
Opaque bib necklace
After a quick try on (it involved my hubby having to stand holding a mirror as my full-length one had gone) I decided on the Wiggle Dress. I loved the fit as it created curves (namely a waist that I don’t have) and the pattern was really stand-out. For me the T-shirt dress was too loose around the middle which seemed to accentuate the tum I have.
Monoclash print dress, ASOS
I also ordered the Opaque Stone Bib Necklace, £35 in this season’s neon yellow/green. I wore it with the Wiggle Dress but have since worn it with plain tops and reckon it’s a great way of updating your wardrobe.

The party was great and the Wiggle Dress lived up to its name. I shimmied around all night and loved wearing it (I teamed it with some yellow wedge heels from Clarks). If anyone likes the look of it you may be interested to know that is also comes in blue and a stripe too!

Michelle x


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