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Come on, admit it. How many people did you sleep with last night? Or more to the point, were the kids in with you? The Yorkshire Linen Company has me wondering about our sleeping habits as they’ve just launched a Facebook survey where parents can win a £50 duvet set for taking part.

co-sleeping survey with The Yorkshire Linen Company

Our story…

When our two were tiny I’d happily lift the duvet and allow them in – anything as long as it meant I didn’t have to move. With a 16-month-old and a newborn co-sleeping wasn’t so much a lifestyle choice but more of a way of survival. So much so that if there were 2, 3 or 4 heads on the pillow we couldn’t give a hoot – we were far too tired!

However, as time went by and sleep got longer and little bods bigger, co-sleeping was no longer an option. Those little starfish shapes they made when they were babies still happened but they took up 3/4 of the bed and left us hanging on to the elastic of the fitted sheet.

These days if we have a midnight visitor I prefer to get out of bed, spin the little child on their sleepy toes and point them back in the direction of their own room. If they’re ill or scared we either camp down in their room or one of us has to wander off to the spare room. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we don’t welcome them into our bed in the mornings. Oh no, quite the opposite. When you’ve slept well you don’t mind squashing up for a cuddle or five and nearly falling out of the bed becomes a game.

So, back to my first question. Who did you sleep with last night? Do you positively encourage co-sleeping? Consider it a lifestyle nicety or nightmare?

Enter The Yorkshire Linen Company survey and win…

Regardless of who is sharing your bed, I’m sure you’d love to dress your bed with a beautiful duvet set. Take part in The Yorkshire Linen Company’s quick and easy Facebook survey and you could be in with a chance of winning a duvet set (worth up to £50)…

Good luck (for the comp and for a good night’s sleep!)



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