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Reviews — 19 December 2011

With only 5 days to go ’til Christmas it’s time to put the presents under the tree – but what, I hear you ask, will they be? Today’s gift is small enough to fit in your pocket but be careful it doesn’t wriggle out…

What’s that coming out of Santa’s sack is it a Hexbug, is it a Hexbug? Yes indeedy and the little bug is the only one that’s welcome in our house this Christmas.

We already have one of the little critters and we can’t wait to have more. There are loads of different colours to collect, the battery life is very impressive (we’re still flipping, jiggling and wriggling away after 6-months of use) and if you buy packs with track you can build that up at the same time as your bug collection. Great – a toy that grows to accommodate its occupants!

Oh and as well as being fun to watch these little Hexbugs are a great way to introduce kids to robotics, science and help improve motor and construction skills.

Check out this youtube link for Hexbugs in action!


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