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Reviews — 16 December 2011

With only 8 days to go before Christmas it’s time I started putting presents under the tree – but what, I hear you ask, will they be? Today’s gift is a great toy for Primary school-age kids, it’s easy to play and something that parents can join in with too…

Pitcure: Alice Harold @

The snow is falling today so we could all do with something to warm us up. This cracker of a game will get your kids and all the family moving around, wake up a snoozing Grandpa and put the non-slip rug to the test. It’s fun, it’s simple but boy is it it fun…

Ta da! Under the tree today is Hot Potato the musical potato-passing game. Suitable for 5-years + you start the music and pass the potato from one person to the next. The person left holding the potato when the music stops has to take a card. If you end up with three cards you’re out. Simples.

Warning: All the darting around can get a bit hectic so clear the floor of novelty slippers and make sure the Lladro is put up on a high shelf!

Great for burning off those Mince Pies and perfect for working up a thirst. Egg nog anyone?…

Check in tomorrow to find out what else is under my tree…


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