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Health & Fitness Homepage Slider — 22 January 2013

What is Weight Watchers’ New Approach? And importantly, does it mean you can eat more cake? I went along to a bloggers’ event to find out…

The Weight Watchers Bloggers’ event was held at the wonderful venue Home Sweet Home. Considering my current status of mid-move madness I was seriously tempted to curl up and live there for the next few months. However, despite stuffing my face with PRO Pointed tasties and nestling into the cushions, I managed to take in some info about the New Approach…

Chanelle Wills from Weight Watchers

Waiting in a rather comfy lounge area was the very glam (and slender) Chanelle Wills, a Weight Watchers leader who has lost a whopping 6.5 stone. Chanelle told us about the New Approach which has been causing a stir in the world of WW. Some feared that the New Approach meant a change to the PRO Points system but that’s not the case. Instead, the New Approach is an additional guiding arm which provides dieters with a collection of tactics and strategies to deal with Hedonic Hunger.

Hedonic what? Well, scientists have finally written down and ring-bound something that many of us already knew – namely, that we sometimes eat when we’re not hungry. Yup, we may eat cake because, quite frankly, shoving it in your gullet can be as much fun as shopping, watching funny animal clips on You’ve Been Framed and second-best to a night out with the girls. This is known as Hedonic Hunger or eating for pleasure rather than hunger.

The New Approach puts Hedonic Hunger in the spotlight and gives dieters the tools to cope with it without having to rely on will power. I heard things about Toxic Environment (that’s a cupboard full of chocs) and the world of Snackification (what ever happened to plain old 3 meals in 1 day?) Suddenly the New Approach seemed to have a bit more ‘weight’.

With all this info on board I realise that Hedonic Hunger has previously sabotaged my own dieting efforts. This thought reoccurs when I see the photos from this event (and some from my son’s birthday) and I’m starting to think it might be time for me to hop on board WW online and give Hedonic Hunger a knowing nod and a swift clip round the ear!

Weight Watchers Chilli con carne
Apart from hearing about HH we also got to sample some Weight Watchers foods, some of it new to the range. Particular favourites were a chilli con carne served with and rice (the chef had added some chocolate which gave it a very rich flavour but still low pointage), sausages at only 2PP each but tasted like the ‘real deal’ and tasty dips and pittas.

Getting stuck in with fellow bloggers at Weight Watchers event

Getting stuck in with fellow bloggers: @missweightwatchers and @theskinnydoll

After grazing on savouries we were invited into a very girlie lounge area which was laden with cakes, Eton Mess and other sweet things – a toxic environment in the usual circumstances but in this case all ‘pointed’. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there was a distraction – the Wii Dance challenge. My moves weren’t quite up to scratch to win a gym membership. I did, however, get a lovely manicure and a HUGE goodie bag to take home.

Thank you to all at Weight Watchers for a fun, tasty and informative afternoon.

If you want to find out more about The New Approach visit


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  1. So, WW are still living oin the dark ages then. Still thinking that it\’s all about calories, despite the new studies into sugar and its effect on the Leptin hormone, and the fact that dietary fat does not make you fat. It really is quite obvious that this whole show is driven by the desire to protect commercial interests with the big food companies.

    • Hello D Salter. Thanks for commenting on the post. I’m interested, you obviously know more about the behind-the-scenes world of WW than I do (I was there for the New Approach launch). What is your background? Do you work in the dieting/nutrition industry? Thanks and best wishes Michelle

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