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What will you be wearing on Christmas Day? Are you staying in your PJs all day or donning a festive jumper? Or perhaps you’ve made a special purchase and are going all-out-glam for the Big Day. Share your outfit and any story behind it here with the ‘What I’m Wearing For Christmas’ linky…


Shifts: Main picture: Somerset by Alice Temperley, £160, John Lewis; White abstract shift (mine) from H&M; Flocked Lace Pencil Dress by Next, £58; Lace Red Lace Panel Shift Dress, £48 Topshop,

Shifts: Main picture: Somerset by Alice Temperley, £160, John Lewis; White abstract shift (mine) from H&M; Flocked Lace Pencil Dress by Next, £58; Lace Red Lace Panel Shift Dress, £48 Topshop,

Christmas is at our house this year. We’re doing the works and so I thought as ‘the Hostess with the Mostest’ I should look the part. What did I choose, bearing in mind I’ll be wrestling with a 14lb turkey, 2 kg of B.Sprouts and sloppy gravy? Something dark, camouflage even. No, don’t be silly. I’ve chosen a white dress.

Yes, I’m dreaming of Christmas where my dress remains white at least until lunchtime by which time I won’t give a stuff! This dress is from H&M, about £30 (I’ve lost the receipt as well as my marbles long ago). I snapped it up as I liked the abstract pattern and the shift style. Yes, I’m a bit of a shape shifter fan these days. A simple yet stylish look that Gwyneth Paltrow, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palmero and Victoria Beckham have worn. If it’s good enough for them it’ll certainly do for me!

Speaking of Victoria Beckham, did you see Jessica Ennis wearing her red dress at the Sports Personality of the Year awards? My word, not only was the dress stunning with its plunging V neck and the zip strip running up the back but Ennnis’ bottom was soooo shapely. I bet my ‘bottom’ dollar that

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come 1st Jan 2012, as we’re sweating away in Pilates and squatting in Boot Camp it’ll be the thought of having a bum like hers that’ll keep us going!

So what will you be slopping gravy down on the Big Day? Share your ‘look’ here whatever it is in the ‘What I’m Wearing on Christmas Day’ linky.

Michelle x


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  1. I can guarantee if I wore a white dress it would stay clean for a maximum of about 5 minutes. I like the idea of wearing a fabulous white dress but in reality I can\’t pull it off! So I\’m playing it safe by wearing black this year! Good luck with your lovely white dress, have a lovely Christmas!

    • Lynn: It’s a gamble I know and probably one I’ll live to forget. Funnily enough I’ve just been approached to do something with Vanish – what’s the betting they read this story and thought ‘mmm’. Enjoy your Christmas and your black dress. Have a great time and thank you for commenting. Michelle x

  2. Nice one Michelle. Am doing it at home too and wearing a black knitted one that should really be worn with boots, but will definitely,for a fact, I know, be worn with slippers No quite the look I paid for but Hey Ho! Or should that be Ho Ho Ho! ha ha.

    • Sounds hot. I mean sounds like you could get hot in knitwear. Keep hydrated. BTW my slippers will be out too. I can’t bend down to the oven door with heels on. Enjoy x

  3. I could never do a white dress, i just know i\’d end up with food/drink/baby sick on it in 5 minutes! You are a braver lady then me. It sounds fab though :)

    • Erm, just for an update the dress did get quite a few splatters. The cooking was fine as I was covered in a pinny but in the evening it was Barbie who got the better of me. She came with a hair colour spray thing that splatted me in luminous pink and orange. Then later a drop of Branston brown pickle splodged down me and I wiped it with a paper napkin, decorated with Christmas mince pies and that left what can only be described as a skid mark! I’ve Vanished it a few times and it’s looking better the skid mark is now more of a wee stain! ha ha. It’ll be fine to wear again, it’s quite near one of the abstract pictures so looks like it’s part of that! Hope your Christmas outfit was a winner! x

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