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Parenting Ramblings — 13 December 2011

Parents can be sure of at least two visitors to their house at this time of year. The first, a bearded man with a BMI that suggests he should lay off the mince pies and the second the not-so-welcome Winter vomiting bug. Timely as ever, the first ‘rainbow cough’ to arrive chez-Crystal Palace splatted down in the middle of the office party…

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We had big plans this weekend. Well, I say big what I actually mean is that we were going out not once but twice! Firstly, the husband (Alex) and myself were going to go out for the ‘work Christmas do’ (the office is only the two of us) to be followed on Sunday by a family trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

Video: A ‘Festive’ chunder

However, the hilarity that was the office bash (again, just me and Alex, ha, ha, ha) soon turned sour. We hadn’t even given out the Secret Santa gifts when the babysitter rang to inform us that Noah had barfed all over the landing and was now being comforted by her and the X-Factor Final.

Did we want to stay out? It was tempting but learning that the dear soul had already wiped up the sick we decided it was safe to return home. A very pale and sorry-looking little chap was soon back in bed with a bucket for company whilst we phoned for an Indian takeaway.

Throughout the night sleep was broken by the pitter patter of dear, little feet rushing to the loo and at 2.37am everything was looking rather bleak:

Noah: ‘Will we still be able to go to … blurrrr yacckkkkk guurrrrllll huurrrrllll…. Winter Wonderland tomorrow?’
Me: ‘Erm, I think we’ll have to leave that for another day…’
Noah: blurrrr yacckkkkk guurrrrllll huurrrrllll
Ferne (from her room): ‘Noah, it’s so unfair you’re being sick. I want to go to Winter Wonderland. Boo hoo boo hoo’

365 143
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Two days later and it was Ferne’s turn to decorate her room with a browny, cheesy vomit (why do they always insist on eating cheese-on-toast and a Christmas tree chocolate before they tell you they feel ill?) More dashes along the landing, more miss-aims at the loo, more buckets rinsed with more gallons of Detol (is it only me who loves the smell of Detol?) and hurray, we’ve already made it through the festive throw-up with 12-days to spare…Result!

So, not only will we (hopefully) be having a Christmas Day without a repeat performance from the Turkey but amazingly, between all the yacks, we did manage to get to Winter Wonderland! And what’s more, i’ll be posting a review of it HERE very soon.



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