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Saturday just gone we had the pleasure of meeting Judy Murray (Andy and Jamie’s Mum). She wanted to show us how playing with a few cushions, a piece of rope and some cereal packets could really help kids with their ABCs and get them Set4Sport…

Ferne is ready for Set4SportWhat’s Judy’s secret?

Judy Murray must know a thing or two about sports and kids, after all she has raised two fantastic sportsmen who not only happen to be ace tennis players but really good golfers (Jamie has a 3 handicap) and footballers (Andy trialled for Glasgow Rangers). But before you start imagining expensive coaches and clubs the great news is that the boys’ sporting prowess began at home. Judy was a dab-hand at inventing games for the boys to play, a skill that they also picked up. She can still remember the day when they set up a make-shift tennis court in their back garden using cushions, chairs and cereal packets.

Get Set4Sport

Now you might be wondering why you should get down your non-stick, shiny frying pan and let little Alfie whack hells bells out of it? Judy’s initiative Set4Sport, is all about helping your kids develop their ABCs: Agility, Balance and Co-ordination. It’s all done without the pressure of having to produce the next Andy Murray and instead the emphasis is on giving kids the basic skills and the confidence needed for any physical activity/sport that may (or may not) their fancy. All that is really needed is some imagination, a space and the time to get stuck in and play with the kids.
Noah and Ferne are all set with the Set4Sport logo

Ideas start at home (or with the free APP)

If you’re stuck for a starting point, I’ve listed some of the games that we played below. All of which would be so easy to create at home and all of which can be adapted to suit your family’s interests and abilities. For more inspiration/information make sure to download the Set4Sport APP which has all these games and more.

Jumping the River

Helps to develop leg strength and balance skills
Ferne landing in a hoop at Set4Sport
Use 2 pieces of rope to create a river. Begin with them close together and then gradually move them further apart after each jump. Encourage a balanced landing by adding a hoop so they have to jump into a set space.

Tidy Your Room

Helps to develop leg strength, speed and agility

Start with a box in the centre of the room surrounded by cushions. Each child has to pick up a toy from the cushion and put it in a box. Later they can then take the toys from the box and put them back on the cushion. You can time the children to make it more fun. This game can be adapted by throwing and catching toys into and out of the box.

Race ‘N’ Chase

Helps kids to run forwards, chase a ball and trap it. Also helps with tracking, agility and reaction and co-ordination.

Roll or kick the ball in a straight line towards a target. The child starts beside you but has to get in front of the ball and kick/roll it back to you before it gets to the target. You can adapt the game so that the child is sitting or lying down to begin with, they start facing you (so they have to also turn around) or you throw the ball between their legs.

Make your own tennis court

Judy set up a tennis court much the same as she used with her children when they were 5 and 6-years old. She used cushions for boundaries, two chairs with a rope between as a net, sponge balls and mini rackets (although you could make you own rackets using frying pans, Tupperware lids, cardboard). Great fun and much cheaper than a ticket to Wimbledon!

For more information about Set4Sport you can also visit the Facebook page
and follow on Twitter: @set4sport


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