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I’ve been a bit slack of late updating the sailing part of the blog. This is down to a few reasons, the first being time, the second the availability of WiFi and third the ability to link all these things together. Any-ho here I am.

Mongonissi Beach

The last few weeks have been an Antipodean mash-up with friends from Adelaide joining us. We first met up with Christie, Joost and their daughter Edie in Fiskardo, Cephalonia. We thought it was never going to happen due to being on different islands but we sorted it with only one day to spare. Just as we were mooring in the very glitzy harbour Christie’s ferry rocked up and we were able to wave from the deck complete with other hand gestures and air kisses fit for a very dear friend who, living in Australia, we see very little of. Our night in Fiskardo with Christie and co. was, in her words, ‘deluxe’.

No sooner had they got off than Donna, Rob, Lola and Zac arrived. Also from Adelaide, they’re taking advantage of ‘Long service leave’ with a three week break with us and some time on land in Paxos and a jaunt in Dubai.

The kids have got along great and we’ve managed to overcome any potential problems with ice cream. Sleeping the kids has come down to a military run rota which involves one kid over the bath, two in the corridor and one inbetween Mum and Dad.

We started from Fiskardo, Cephalonia and have stayed in a mixture of moorings and anchorages around Lefkada and the mainland. There’s a lot to remember but highlights have included Dessimou beach, Lefkada which is a really beautiful spot with caves to swim inside. A truly family-friendly beach where we were able to BBQ at night and just the right amount of space to let the kids run free.

A note for any campers out there, Dessimou had the most amazing campsite which sits on the beach and has a great value, friendly restaurant. A really cracking spot.

We also had a great meal at a restaurant in Nidri called Mamma Mia. The food was tasty and they offered some different varities of Greek food but it was the ‘host’ that really captured our imagination. The night we went was ‘Greek Music night’. The owner owned not only the restaurant but the show! He looked butch but strutted about like a peacock – we’re talking ATTITUDE! Just as we thought it couldn’t get any better he necked half a bottle of Johnny Walker and started playing the trumpet. Yamas!

Just as before there’s never a quiet moment when it comes to the boating life. Only yesterday a charter yacht nearly took us out and another raced into the bay this morning completely out of control. Yamas!

We’ve had a lot of excellent advice from fellow sailors, in partiuclar a couple called Pete and Debs. They’ve become our oracle on destinations to visit and so far we’ve not been disappointed – they even pointed us in the direction of an Indian restaurant (curry is not easy to come by on the Greek islands) in Pelairos. The curry was excellent and in the usual style we completely over-ordered but got a doggy bag and warmed it up the next night.

Anyway, one recommendation that kept popping up was Paxos. Everyone has been raving about it. We arrived in Mongonissi in the south of Paxos yesterday and yup, it’s beatiful. It can tick the following boxes – scenery, clean water, safe water, family friendly, taverna, free WiFi and good, free mooring. For the next few weeks we’ll be in Paxos where we are meeting some other friends from, yes, you’ve guessed it and my parents.


PS: Yamas is Greek for Cheers. We’ve been doing a lot of that!

PPS: Many thanks to Anya from Older Single Mum who recently voted me as one of ‘the five blogs she needs in her life


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