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I’ve finally ‘come down’ from all the paint fumes (see last week’s exciting installment of how I decorated the loo). It means that I can now concentrate on other things like – fasting… and then eating cake (lots of it).

Looking out to sea from Trizonia

It was birthday week on the boat as both myself and our friend Simo were celebrating. Despite the guys’ efforts I would not budge into the 40s this year – despite name calling and whispers of ‘middle age’ I can tell you I’m still clinging onto my 30s, albeit my final year.

A few days before the birthday we left Galaxidhi to head to Trizonia, an island in the Corinth Gulf much recommended to us by friends and fellow yachties. However, despite best efforts our first attempt to get there had to be curtailed due to very choppy ‘white horses’ – the type that make you dart to save a falling cup while at the same time grabbing sliding plates and mopping up all the water that’s jumped out of a glass and landed on top of someone’s iPhone. You get the picture…

Our very sensible Captain decided we needed to head into the nearest bay and take shelter a mere 8 miles from where we had left. Not so bad though as we found ourselves faced with a lovely beach and crystal clear waters. There was only one thing for it – to jump in! It was here that our friend Simo, who was staying with us for a few days, made the fateful error of saying: ‘There’ll be no mozzies here’. That night was the most buzzy and scratchy night ever.

It’s not deserving of a place to be remembered for a rubbish night’s sleep but oh boy, I lost count of the number of times that the light was switched on to mount an attack on the blood-suckers. Despite being so covered in repellent that the inside of my nostrils had lost their lining, they just kept trying to find the tiny spot of flesh that I’d mistakenly left uncovered. Not only were us ‘oldies’ targets but the poor kids with their fresh young blood were being nibbled alive.

The following morning, spottier and itchier than the one before, I was greeted by ‘Happy Birthday’ and the sight of Trizonia (the lads had got up at 5am to get us there – our Captain is not only sensible but a sensitive love too) – what a beautiful way to start one’s 39th year!

Trizonia is the only inhabited island in the Corinth Gulf and has a small (free) marina. Many people leave their boats here over winter, appreciating that it’s free, safe and inhabited by some very lovely people. Some boat owners, however, have left their yachts longer than one winter as you can see sunken masts poking out through the water! Taking note of wrecks, we arrived with strong winds which would make parking a car difficult let alone a Cat! For our first attempt we were helped by another sailor, however, after tying up there were concerns about how scratchy the pontoon was and how, when the wind changed direction, we’d be blown onto and poor Jade would get some unwelcomed ‘exfoliation’. Shortly afterwards we decided we didn’t need this worry so tried to move into the middle of the marina. I’ll skip details of attempt 2 but at attempt 3 we were settled in. We weren’t budging and in fact, due to high winds, we haven’t since!

Some friends had told us how lovely Trizonia is, with its little square lined with tavernas looking out to the sea and I can assure you they weren’t wrong! Just a stone’s throw from the boat we could eat, drink and hang out on the little, kid-friendly pebble beach.

My birthday meal (and Simo’s birthday lunch) were spent in Kalypso restaurant. The sardines, Greek salad (still can’t get enough of Feta) and the lamb all getting the thumbs up. Notably Keith, who is enjoying a love affair with pork chops (so much so that we’ve decided he needs to write his own ‘Pork Chop Pilot’ to go alongside the Greek Pilot) gave Kalypso’s chops joint first place with the ones he had in Korfos. I’m currently considering making him some ‘pork chop plaques’ to hand out to restaurants – to go alongside the ‘Michelin’ etc.

Anyway, I mentioned at the beginning about ‘fasting’. I’ve decided the roll of podge over the top of bikini (known as Muffin Top in the UK but ‘Feta Flab’ around these parts) is not a good one so I’ve taken up with Michael Mosley’s ‘Fast Diet’ – (Fast as in the not eating one – not the quick way). I know I’m a good year behind everyone else who has been doing it (his show about it went on air in 2012) but here I am. I’ll admit it’s easier for me to do it here than if I was stuck at home in England. For one thing it’s hot so you don’t feel like eating much anyway and when you do eat on the Fast Day (women can eat 500 calories) you don’t feel too cheated by having a salad and a bit of protein.

In honesty though, the real appeal of the Fast Diet is that for 5 days you can eat whatever you want, which in the case of being birthday week was cake! However, as well as that good news, Mosley presents a vast array of health benefits for those taking up the diet including a long, disease free, sane life. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist so I’m not recommending anyone start this but I do recommend you read it at least. It’s much more than just a ‘diet’ book and I read it on my Kindle in a few hours.


Well, that’s it for this week. I’m having to type this sitting in a cafe (its’ Fast Day so I’m on black coffee and green tea) and using both their internet and electricity to power me up (I’ve got an extension lead in my handbag – I’m not joking). Hope you all have a good week.

Michelle x


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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday
    By the way, and sorry to say, you have not started your 39th year – try 40 !
    Luv Dad

    • Thanks for the great news – must make you feel a bit old too! xx

  2. Am loving catching up on your glorious trip. Sorry am so behind, but you know I love you and I think of what you must be up to virtually every day! xx

    • Ahh thanks Anya. Likewise, I’m behind with you but trying to tap in every now and then. keep well xxx

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