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This week we’ve headed up the Corinth Canal and found ourselves in a lovely little harbour with some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet…

Ferne on Jade going up the Corinth Canal

Ferne on Jade going up the Corinth Canal

Last week I was beginning to twiddle my thumbs a bit, looking for a project to keep me busy in the moments that there isn’t something to do (it’s surprising how many jobs crop up on board). Anyway, I decided to wander along to the local hardware store in Poros to see what colour paints they stocked as I fancied doing up the bathroom, or head, if we’re doing ‘sailing speak’. I figured that for a DIY novice like myself the loo was a good place to start – it’s small so less room to make a complete mess, right?

The chap in the shop was so helpful/keen to go home that he packed me off with his colour chart and told me to come back the next morning with the details of the colours I wanted. No doubt I’ve been influenced by the colours of Greece as and I got him to mix a pale turquoise for the loo and a pastel mauve for the bedrooms.

Anyway, paint brush in hand I set to transforming the ‘smallest room’ and after an hour or so emerged very splattered and slightly high on fumes but happy all the same. Just as he thought I’d come to an end of ‘Project Loo’ I delighted Alex by telling him that I would now need to shop and procure bathroom accessories to match!

The other adventure, possibly slightly more exciting than me painting the loo, was Sunday’s journey up the Corinth Canal! We kept our worries about this part of the journey to ourselves, however, there was a great verbalisation of relief when it transpired we were 1 of only 3 yachts going up the canal coupled with a non existent wind.

The canal, for you stat fans out there, is 3.2 miles long and 25M wide so operates as a one-way system. This is co-ordinated by Port Police control at both ends who take payment (it cost us 160 EUROS) and radio you when it is time to leave. They were all a very cheery bunch and even came out to wave us off as we made our way up the canal.

The limestone sides are very steep and crumbly, in fact the canal is closed once a week so that they can maintain them and dredge. At either end are hydraulic bridges which lower into the water and traffic lights to tell you when you can proceed.

Traffic waiting on the hydraulic bridge, Corinth Canal

Traffic waiting on the hydraulic bridge, Corinth Canal

Travelling up the canal was surprisingly tranquil. I sat on the bow with Noah and Ferne looking around, waving at people on the bridges, spotting birds nestling on the limestone and feeling a little guilty at our ‘pootling pace’ when I noticed all the cars and people waiting at the bridge for us to pass.

We had intended to stay overnight in Kiato which Rod (author of the Greek Waters Pilot) describes as: ‘a popular tourist resort…cultivated by citrus and the vine’. Sadly, from the graffiti’d harbour we were unable to see any of these delights and the barnacled, tangled lines in the harbour and the lack of any help meant we left immediately.

Not staying in Kiato meant that we had to make the decision to continue sailing to our next waypoint, Andikiron, which was another 3 hours sail (on top of the 10 we’d already done). It was Father’s Day so I’m not sure if this was Alex’s ideal way to spend it but he seemed happy enough at the wheel (the Canal safely under his belt helped).

Andikiron turned out to be everything that Kiato wasn’t. We found a lovely anchorage in Isidhorou and chowed on Keith’s tuna by way of celebration.

We spent 3 days in Isidhorou playing on the beach and doing plenty of swimming. Noah and Ferne’s swimming has really improved and Ferne was keen to swim all the way to shore without any assistance. Noah, who is also looking much more like he’s swimming rather than sinking, has taken to jumping off the front of boat.

I’m now writing this post from Galaxidhi, a very pretty harbour surrounded on one side by cafes and by pine forest on the other. Our welcome was one of the better ones with the Port Police catching ropes and the news that electricity and water were both free. Result!

This week the kids have worked really hard at school and all of Noah’s practice with his handwriting has paid off. His joined up writing is really neat and he seems to be enjoying taking time over it. Ferne has been concentrating on making posters and signs and putting them up all around the boat. There’s nothing like waking up and having a poster saying ‘I love Mummy’ pushed in your face to make you smile…

Michelle x


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  1. This made me laugh so much. Only you could decide to decorate the bathroom and add your creative flair to it. I really, really enjoy your updates x

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