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The last week or so has seen us move from a very dramatic Amorgos to spending some lazy days in Ios and a quick, romantic trip to Santorini…

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There was a storm in Amorgos which I mentioned in my last update and, as I had said, it had created a few dramatic moments between boat owners.

Just as I thought we’d had enough hoo-ha for the night we were sitting in a café enjoying a meal when the Coast Guard came sprinting along, gesticulating wildly towards the sea. We all rushed to the front and saw a yacht drifting off to sea without any crew on board.


The Coast Guard (picture a young Tom Cruise in a navy blue and hear a movie soundtrack) jumped onto a local fishing boat and was trying to lasso the yacht. Meanwhile the yacht owners, thinking they’d anchored safely, could only stand on the beach watching helplessly as the rescue took place. It took over half and hour, 3 fishing boats and six men to get it back to safety.

Yup, another ‘ignorance is bliss’ moment, so cruelly snatched from my innocent mind. I can tell you, I hardly slept that night for worrying that the same was going to happen to us. Fortunately, it didn’t and the winds died down and the next day and we were able to leave and head to Koufonisia.


Apologies but I’m going to have to use a OMG here because OMG the water in Koufonisia is TO.DIE.FOR. It was absolutely crystal clear and with a lovely, sandy beach which the kids loved. The local fishermen were really friendly and helped us get the boat into a good spot.


After a few days we left Koufonisia we spent one night in Iraklia. On the way we spotted some more dolphins, a seal and a turtle. At first we thought the turtle was caught up in a fishing line and rescue plans were discussed (mini crew were ready to jump straight in). I even got on Twitter to contact the Greek Turtle Protection League. However, after a chat with a snorkeler we discovered that the turtle was just playing in the water and all was fine.

The beach in Iraklia was sandy with just a few tourists and the sea so inviting that we swam from the boat to the beach and back again. At night it was so peaceful that it felt like it was just us and the moon (and the occasional putt putt putt of a fishing boat).


We then moved on to Ios where we spent 6 days sheltering from strong winds. This Southerly wind is very unusual for this time of year/unheard of. The reason we’re steaming through the Cyclades is to avoid the Meltemi which starts in June and causes rough conditions. Unfortunately for us the Meltemi is Northerly which means that many of the anchorages set up for that are currently unsuitable.

We moored at Ios port which was nice in itself (a very not-good-for-the-waistline bakery) although a ten minute, very steep (burn off bakery produce) walk up the hill revealed a very pretty old town with white, narrow lanes dotted with shops and bars. In peak season it’s a real 18-30s party place but late May it was quiet and very picturesque. We managed to find a good playground and enough stray cats to keep the kids entertained for hours. We were also lucky to moor next to a home-schooling family with an 11-year-old son. Within minutes of meeting the kids were on each other’s boats and played together throughout our stay.

Every day the boat got a good old battering as the ferries taking people to and from Athens came in. The swell mixed with strong winds caused us to jerk backwards and forwards, so much so it was impossible to get off the boat and our friend had to take sea sickness tablets.

While at Ios Alex and I were offered the chance to take a trip to Santorini (leaving the kids with Keith). I didn’t have to think twice as I’ve been going on and on about going to Santorini for ages. The ferry from Ios to Santorini only takes an hour and it’s a great way to arrive as it takes you right over the volano’s water-filled crater and allows you a good view of the sheer cliffs made of red, brown, grey and green pumices. The houses are all dotted on top of the hills and look ready to topple at any time.


We spent a lovely afternoon and evening walking along the cliff top, overlooking the bay and imagining the massiveness of the volcanic eruption. The romance was slightly marred by Alex forgetting to bring his sunglasses and, after four hours of walking directly into the sun, he admitted he felt like he was under interrogation and so we had to give up and get a drink.


We managed to find some lovely spots to take in the sunset and I think you’ll agree that the photos are far better than I am at summing how beautiful this place is.


I’m now writing this from the very pretty island of Sifnos as we continue to head North towards Athens. This small island was once vilified for their greed and deceit but we’ve only encountered the good eggs. Yet again, the wind is supposed to pick up and so we need to batten down the hatches. Hopefully it will have blown over by tomorrow and we can continue towards Kithnos. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can get there for Friday which is Ferne’s 6th birthday. She’s been saying that she’d like to go to a water park but there are none any around here. However, in Kithnos there is a hot spring which I reckon might be a good second best!


I’ll be back soon. Thanks for all your comments previously (i’m on limited internet access at present but will comment on your comments/blogs soon).


Lots of love

Michelle xx


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  1. How wonderful…such lovely writing honey I could almost be there with you!! Xx

    • Thanks Kaz, that’s nice of you. I wish you were here. Thinking of you lots xx

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