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You probably know that in the Blogosphere there is such a thing as ‘Saturday is Caption Day’ and ‘Silent Sunday’. Both involve posting pictures and not many words. It’s fun and a great chance to see some wonderful photography but Friday felt pretty left out… until now!

Andrew Cooper from the Diet Coke ad

For this week’s Phwooarr it’s Friday I thought I’d share the new Diet Coke man. Can you believe that the celebration of a perfect specimen drinking fizzy pop is now in its 30th year – which means I’ve been ogling since I was 8-years-old. That’s kind of sick!

Anyway, this man, set to get you in a fizz and look at your lawn mower in a completely new way, is Andrew Cooper from Models 1. I warn you though, try to avoid the open-mouthed look of the girls’ below!

Diet Coke ad

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If you have a suggestion for P-I-F then please do let me know – it doesn’t have to be man it can be a woman, a thing or a place. Or if you want to Phwooarr on your own site feel free to link it up below:

Happy Friday!


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