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This week has, thankfully, been without any visits to Doctors or the near loss of limbs and we have sailed – talk about progress! As I type we’re moored in Pythagorion, Samos about a boat’s length from the nearest bar…

Pottery from Pythagorion
We arrived in Pythagorion on Tuesday after motoring from Kusadasi (we only had a brief spot of sails). Despite being a stone’s throw from Turkey this place is very Greek. Colours – tick. Beautiful flowers – tick. Mythos beer – tick. We visited last Summer in peak season (it’s the most popular resort on the island) and it was so busy we were unable to moor in the harbour. However, early May is low season – some bars and restaurants are only just thinking about opening – so we sneaked in (Alex managed to hold off a French yacht) and hey presto, here we are.

Hooked up with electricity and water and after a relatively hassle free checking-in process (which involved Ferne making full use of the Police toilet facilities and us the grapefruits that were ripe and ready to fall from the tree) we went off for an explore.

The horse-shoe harbour is dotted with lots of really pretty fishing boats and old blokes repairing netting. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars with seats facing out to the sea (and us). There’s a lazy, relaxed atmosphere during the day but at night the music carries on which means with your head so near to the action we’ve put in our earplugs.

Being somewhat on ‘display’ (although I’m sure they’re not in the slightest bit interested) we have made an effort to keep Jade looking good and tidy from the shore. This week I bought a white lantern for our table and some very beautiful platters and bowls. I wandered, or should that be pottered, into the shop with the thoughts of browsing but you know how you get that excited little knot in your tummy? Well, that happened and so a bowl and 2 platters later I exited the shop.

As Greece is well known for it’s loyalty to the sky blue-white of its flag this pottery will be a great reminder of our sails around the Greek islands. We sat down last night and worked out the next islands we’re going to visit. Keith’s friend and neighbour arrives today and it’s her first holiday for years so we’re keen to show her as many islands as possible. Tomorrow Keith’s son from South Africa arrives and, likewise, we thought it would be nice to explore both the big and tiny islands.

On Sunday we’re heading to Fournoi, the only village on the Nisidhes Fournoi. Then we will sail on towards the larger island of Patmos, the northernmost of the Dodecanese and from there Naxos, Paros and (fingers crossed) Santorini – all depending on wind, weather and time.
Fishing boats in Pythagorion, Samos
I’ve noticed the kids have calmed down a little now. They seem to be less intent on playing on the DS, computer and iPad and happy to go off exploring. I’m loving the fact that Pythagorion is so small and safe that it’s really nice to let them have some independence. We’ve visited the Samos museum continuing with our Ancient Greek and Roman studies. There are plenty of archeaological sites here – the bus stop is right next to Aphrodite’s Temple!

Personally, I’m finding I’ve got a lot more time for reading. I’ve just finished The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry which I loved. If you’ve got the time I really do recommend it – it’s thought-provoking and touching and as we’re on a journey it seemed to fit.

The Kindle has also been used for non-fiction. I’m using it with the kids with spellings of the 300 frequency words and I’ve just purchased Sailing for Dummies. It’s been a long time coming but I really do want to understand all this sailing malarkey! Today I entertained the kids by telling them how they can tell from which direction the wind is blowing. Apparently seagulls face into the wind whereas a cow puts its bottom to it!

All the fruit and veg on display has reignited my passion for cooking. I’m cooking up a lot of vegetarian foods and trying to keep more in line with the Mediterranean diet so big dollops of olive oil on everything. I’m just cooking up courgette, potato, tomato, and onion parsley bake – liberally oiled and the smell is divine. I’ll be sharing some recipes on here so I hope they bring some Greek sunshine to you – whatever weather you’re experiencing.

We’ve stuck to the home-schooling and true to his word Alex and I have shared the teaching. I’m already noticing an improvement in their maths – focus is still an issue – especially when the world is walking past you and peering in!

I hope you’ve had a good week. More next week!

Michelle x

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