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So, myself and the kids have been on board for just over a week and already there have been a few ‘incidents’. Oh and did I mention we haven’t left the marina yet? As much as you’re prepared sometimes stuff happens. Like, for example, Alex’s foot and mouth…

Alex's infected foot

The cut and the cankle: Skipper’s infected foot

If Alex ever lay awake at night wondering what his foot would look like were he obese he was in luck. The foot that met us at the airport was,  I kid you not, HUGE. There was ‘cankle’ and everything.

It transpires that a few days earlier he’d cut his toe and picked up a nasty infection. However, our Skipper mistook stubbing and banging his toes on the boat as the cause of the pain. It was only after his whole foot and calf swelled up that he took action.

We’re very lucky that we have Keith on board with us because he is 1. very nice 2. knows heaps about boats and 3. has lived in Turkey and has ‘contacts’ who managed to get Alex an appointment with a Turkish doctor (and pay Turkish prices).

So our poorly Skipper hobbled off the boat to the surgery and then hobbled back about an hour or so later a humbled man. You see, he’d had a stern telling off about not acting sooner and a surgeon had to be called to cut the toe open and drain out the puss. Apparently (this was related via the male of the species so take with a pinch of sea salt) there were needles involved (stretch arms really wide to approximate size) AND he could have lost a finger. Eh? He was also swinging a bag full of antibiotics.

I’m joking about this because 1. I can (I’m his wife after all) and 2. he’s now on the mend and the cankle and big foot have gone. However, the irony of the fact that I’d arrived the day before with a bag full of the very same antibiotics to use ‘in emergencies’ was not lost on us. Without knowing a local and getting to see a doctor we could well have used up our supplies before leaving the marina!

Now here’s the really upsetting part and please do look away if you find a fashion faux-pas upsetting… he was told that to protect the toe he’d have to wear Crocs with socks. I know! Surely that’s enough for one man to take but not content with that he had to visit the dentist. Geez!

Being a busy bee in London he’d not had time to get a crown, however, over after a romantic kebab Keith managed to lure Alex to his trusted dentist and treatment began immediately. 3 sessions later and a mere £120 (a snip compared to UK prices) the job was done.

Alex smiling after after a visit to the dentist in Kusadasi

Alex, who isn’t overly keen on visiting the dentist, couldn’t fault the work of Turkey Dental Treatment. His dentist, Remzi, was skillful (and kind) and when a translation was required there was an English speaking assistant on hand to help out. We thought we’d share this information in case you should you ever find yourself in Kusadasi with a tooth ache or you fancy combining dentistry and deckchairs AKA ‘Medical Tourism’.

So, it’s the Captain who has provided this week’s drama. The rest of us are just trying to get into the swing of life on board Jade. It may not seem a difficult task to an outsider but there’s a definite mental and physical period of adjustment. I’m pleased to report that routines are already beginning to be set in place and things should go swimmingly as long as we can keep Alex out of trouble!

I’ll keep you updated with more goings on next week!

Michelle x


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  1. All that drama in just one week?! Can’t wait to hear what happens next.

    • I know Rachel – there’s never a dull moment here! Have a nice weekend with your Mum xx

  2. Such an exciting adventure ahead – I know people whop have travelled with their kids (my brother sailed across the Atlantic with his) and they have had such a fab time – the best kind of education there is! x

    • Thanks Ross. Yes, it’s certainly an adventure and a learning experience for all of us. Thanks for your comments and of course your great book – I encourage anyone considering Home Schooling to take a look at Ross’ Learning Without School. Very helpful for us. I’ll be reading your new book soon. Thanks Michelle

      • Thank you for such a lovely endorsement. All the best. x

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