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Fashion & Beauty Just for YOU — 27 June 2012

Summertime and the livin might be easy – but finding the perfect outfit to wear to all those weddings you’ve been invited to is not. Making outfit choice particularly difficult this year (apart from the usual of things not fitting, being too expensive and fear of ‘shock horror’ wearing the same outfit as another guest) are the two contrasting palettes that are ‘de rigueur’…

Pleat colour-block dress from Next, on

It seems one must declare themselves either a ‘colour-blocking lovin bright thing’ or a ‘pretty and playful pastel popping’ damsel. Which will you be? In a kind of fashion smackdown (I think I’ve watched too much Glee!) I’m showing you two Next outfits that I’ve

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put together for weddings – one bright and one pastel and I’m asking you to vote for which one you think is best!


Contestant Number 1 – Colour Block

First up we have the unlikely bedfellows of orange and fuchsia. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be guaranteed to brighten up even the gloomiest of wedding days in this combo. Colour-blocking is big news this summer following its appearance on the catwalk for Fendi and Louis Vuitton. I’m appreciating the fact that this dress has a very simple neckline, this is key because it’s enough to let the colour do the talking. Also, notice that there’s a slight waterfall effect with the dress length – another nod to a key catwalk trend for 2012. For those of us who are a bit tummy conscious I might think about putting a wide belt around the dress – just to try to suck in ‘el tumbo’ for the photos. Knowing me I’d be ditching it later after I’d eaten copious amount of wedding cake and took the dance floor! Oh, I’m also loving the shoes and the bag, they compliment the dress very nicely can be used with other non-wedding outfits.

Contestant Number 2 – Pretty pastels

Just how classy is this outfit and how unclassy have I made it by calling it ‘classy’?! For me the chiffon bolero is the winning item, not only is it gorgeous (and a snip at £28) but also very versatile. Just think you could wear it to work, to the pub and even with jeans. For me the real positive with this outfit is that it is more classical and therefore able to stand the test of time. With care I can’t see how the chiffon dress can ever be dated and so you could wear it for years to come. Secondly the colour scheme does not smack of summer and so if you’re invited to a winter wedding you can dig this out again (or even the Christmas party?)

Pastels from Next on the wedding outfit smackdown on

Now vote for your favourite!
So which is your favourite look? Colour-blocking bolds or the pretty pastels? Vote now and I’ll announce the winner here and on twitter (@mummyratesit)

Multi-coloured heels


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(8) Readers Comments

  1. Def the brights, cute dress.

  2. It is a cute dress. The warm weather makes is seem possible too! x

  3. I really like both of them. When you first mentioned pastels my immediate thought was ew, no. I love the neutral colour of the dress though. Still has to be the bright outfit though, personally I don’t think I’m grown up enough for the ‘classy’one!

    • That’s funny that you don’t feel grown up enough for the pastel one! The bright one is fun and also slightly more affordable. Thanks for your input. x

  4. I’m trained in this sort of thing – Colour Analysis – and if those outfits are for you, Michelle, then it will have to be the latter. I like them both – but if you wear the first, people will notice the clothes, not you. You will shine in the second set.

    Also. I think the second set won’t date. I’ve seen these block things come and go a few times over now!

    But – you are beautiful and will look naturally lovely either way. There are such fab shoes around atm X

    • Hello Anya
      Well, there’s another feather to your bow – colour analysis. Do you still do that now? Actually they weren’t for me more of a general look at two different ‘looks’ of the moment. I actually would go for the pastels as I love the bolero and agree, it’s an outfit that will last the distance in the classic sense.
      I agree with you about the shoes, I’ve never bought so many shoes as I have this year – my favourite being my yellow ones from Clarks.
      Thanks for commenting and if you ever want to Guest Post on here about colour analysis I’d love to have you!
      Michelle xx

      • Hiya – sorry for the delay – I haven’t done it for ages – but will give it some thought. Thank you for the invitation!

        • No problem and no pressure x

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