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Days Out Parenting — 16 November 2012

Forget playing computer games and watching TV together – all that some kids want is for their parents to take them out for … a WALK! Yes, you read that correctly.
The North Face Metropolis Parker on mummy rates it
A YouGov poll showed that whilst watching TV and DVDs together was the most common way for the family to hang out an impressive 29% of kids aged between 8-11-years-old and an even more impressive 49 per cent of adults said they would like to spend more time in each other’s company by going out for walks.

Now, our two are 5 and nearly 7 so walking for them is still quite a big deal. They get worn out pretty quickly and more likely or not distracted by a twig, a fly or start climbing trees. Either way though, it’s actually quite nice to get out in the fresh air and I find it helps to burn off some of that excess energy.

If you do decide to get the family out

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for a walk it’s a good idea to make sure you’re properly prepared and by that I mean with some good boots and a warm coat. When it gets really cold I bundle my kids up in some bargain ski wear – salopettes and proper walking boots (wellies just don’t keep your feet warm enough) – that I bought for them last year. I got all panicky that it might snow heavily and we face another winter of soggy trousers and frozen tootsies- it only snowed once but they were warm all the time!

For myself I’ll make sure I’m wearing something really warm and snuggly like a north face brand jacket -nice enough to be able to double up for the school run.

In particular I like the look of the Metropolis Parker – a great length which means you can keep your bottom warm too. There’s also a hood which is great on its own but when it gets really cold it can double as a hat-keeper-on-er. It’s also down-fill so you know you’re going to be lovely and toasty.

I also value my Merrell walking/day to day boots which have a gorgeous furry lining. They come up just above the ankle, don’t look too ‘sensible’ and have been something of a hit – they’ve lasted for 3 hard winters and countless festivals with no show of wear or tear. Funnily enough I’m not the only one who loves them as I noticed the other week that they were mentioned in the mumsnet ‘swears by’ mail out.

Great British Walk - National Trust on mummy rates it
If you’re as keen as mustard to get out there and get walking have a look at the National Trust site which has tons of downloadable walks as part of the Great British Walking Festival.

ps: Don’t forget walking is also a great way to keep fit. Why not pop on a pedometer and work out how many steps (and calories) you’ve tallied up?


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