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It’s a scorching 35 degrees here in Greece and I’m suffering from the heat and a bad case of panda eyes. My wrap-around, Polarized glasses, a must-have when at sea, have not only left me looking like I’ve been in Méribel for a fortnight but have decided now is a good time to snap at the hinges.

In partnership with Avenue 32

Of course it’s not all bad because that does mean that I need to shop for a new pair! ha ha. Despite promises of being patched up and being approached by plasters and super glue I’m not giving in – I’m sorry it’s just not stylish on any level – even the ship’s cook, bottle washer and general muck-eliminator has her standards!

A fan of designer shades, Avenue 32 is a great place to shop for super cool designs from lux labels such as Cutler and Gross and Stella McCartney. Whilst pondering eye-wear my beady ones were side-tracked by some very gorgeous swimwear by Marianna G. Like myself, Marianna has a passion for Greece, which is perhaps why some of her designs are calling out to me?

items from Avenue 32

Avenue 32: Swimwear by Marianna G, Cutler and Gross shades and Korinna Ancient Greek sandals

Marianna’s range includes some super-stylish bandeau and cut out designs that are more suited to flatter tums than the one I presently own. However, her more classical styles really do reach out to me including a simple, halterneck Tinos bikini which offers just the right amount of padding to give a subtle uplift and a biknini bottom that is slightly more generous than a skimpy triangle but not so generous as to approach belly warmer status.

While I’m at it (I’d hate an outfit to be incomplete) I’d love to top this Greek beach look off with a pair of metallic leather Korinna Ancient Greek sandals…. now, where did I put that credit card…


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