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Reindeer in Covent Garden, Christmas 2012,

Picture thanks to Giving Not @

This weekend we headed into town, went back in time to Victorian London, journeyed on a horse and cart and saw an elf vomiting into his hat…

I can’t believe it’s already Monday again. How quickly do the weekends go? Our weekend got off to a flying start as the kids had their One World Celebration assembly on Friday.  All the pupils were dressed in their national colours and costume and told us about different religious festivals. They also sung Marley’s ‘One Love’ and the Beatles’ ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ – at times it was like something out of a Richard Curtis film – very heart-warming and amusing. Religious festivals were obviously still on Ferne’s mind as we drove home. As we passed the church she said: ‘Is that where we went to see the Jesus show?’ (the nativity!)

On Saturday my Mum and Dad aka Nana and Pops were with us and we headed into Covent Garden. As you can probably imagine it’s well and truly geared up for Christmas and looks absolutely stunning. There’s a huge, green reindeer with white fairy lights and a bright red nose and some real reindeer for the children to feed. Inside the market the ceiling is covered in giant baubles and a massive disco ball which sprays rectangles of spinning light all over the market. Really worth a look.

Covent Garden, Christmas 2012,

Picture thanks to Giving Not

We then took the kids into the London Transport Museum which costs £13.50 for adults (the tickets allow you unlimited admission to the museum for a 12 month period) and children under 16 are free. If you haven’t been it’s worth a visit. Kids are given a stamp sheet which they punch as they work their way around the museum and a guide book. You’ll find the story of London from Victorian times through to transport of the future and it’s pretty interesting stuff. It certainly ties in with some things that Noah, Year 2, has been learning at school.

We found lots of displays that the kids could climb on and touch, press and feel. Ferne particularly liked seeing the pretend horse poo behind one of the carts and climbing up to the top deck of a London tram. Noah enjoyed getting behind the wheel of a red double decker and being an underground driver by using the simulator (there were a lot of Dads and Grandads enjoying it too!)

The museum has plenty of space for the kids to run around in but when you want to have a rest, and they want to carry on charging around, you can park yourself near the play area. There’s also a cafe and a picnic space in this area too.

After spending approx 3 hours in the museum we headed out and caught a bus along Regent Street so that we could see the lights. We bagged the front seats so had a fantastic view of the twinkly white lights with images showing the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. Where Regent Street lights are a classy affair the Oxford Street lights are the opposite. They’re sponsored by Marmite and there are flashing fairies, a Father Christmas, presents, umbrellas spread along the street. With the ‘You Either Love Them or you Hate Them’ logo plastered on a few lights there’s also one light with an elf head first in the pot of Marmite enjoying it while the other is throwing-up  into his hat. Mmmm…

How was your weekend and what did you get up to? Care to share?



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