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Fashion & Beauty Just for YOU — 04 July 2012

Last year I vowed to never wear a bikini again – I thought it only fair to other holiday-makers. However, whilst I said ‘those days are over’ others were far braver – bikini-baring to their hearts content and leaving me feeling like a right old frump. No more, ladies. The bikini is back…

Peacocks Padded Push Up Bikini, on

My Dad has often said to my Mum ‘who’s going to look at you?’ when she’s worrying over what to wear. Now, whilst this does sound pretty harsh there is actually a big ring of truth to it. After all, I know that when I’m on the beach I’m far more worried about what I’m looking like and exhibiting rather than what anyone else is up to.

Last year, as I sat there in the beachwear equivalent of a straight-jacket – all wobbly bits either being sucked-in, pulled-up, cupped under or shoved out of their ordinary place only to try their best to squeeze themselves out somewhere else I felt so frumpy and even more self-conscious than ever. So this year I’m going back to bikinis.

Truth be told I’ve already worn this Peacocks number (above) on a weekend away in Spain. I was amongst friends, which to be honest I’m not sure is the best place to make a comeback, but out I came. Nobody fainted, pointed or hid sniggering behind a large newspaper.

Now I’m full of bikini-muster I thought I’d have a little snoop around for some other bikinis which I’ve featured in a pretty, 1960s montage below. I apologise but I’m currently obsessed with fiddling on Picasa, a fantastic and free picture editing tool, so apologies for any unwanted and unnecessary effects on the pics.

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Multi-coloured heels

Anyway, I hope you’ll agree that if this year you’re joining me (breathe-in girls) bikini baring that you’ll enjoy the selection below. For me the Dorothy Perkins’ bikini bandeau top (which also comes in pink and in triangular shape) looks very ‘designer’. It comes with some extremely itsy bottoms which frankly I’d be surprised would fit Ferne so I’ll be on the hunt for some plain black ones to go with that. One thing at a time!

Bikini selection from

Also getting a mummyratesit nod of approval is the Freya bikini top. I’ve had a Freya bikini in the past and can vouch for them. They also sell lingerie so their bikini tops come in bra size so you can be sure you get a good and supportive fit. You can usually find Freya in department stores if you want to try-on rather than buy online.

What are your views on bikini-wearing? Do you not care to bare? Or are you barely out of the airport before you strip off? Let me know.

Fear not if you’re going down the swimsuit route. I’m also putting together a swimsuit edit and a cover-up edit too. So watch this space blog.

Michelle x


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  1. I have got no doubt that you look fabulous in everything. You’re only going to get older so make the most of yourself now. I didn’t realise how fabulous I may have been until any looks I didn’t know I had are going and I’m laid up on and off and getting exceedingly flabby! X

    • My friend said exactly the same (the bit about getting older) mind you I do intend to age with (dis)grace so perhaps it’s only bikinis here on in for one reason or another! As for you, bbaaaaahhhh I’m sure you’re looking amazing even lying on the sofa surrounded by screwed up chocolate wrappers. Hope you’re feeling better xxx

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