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Power browse: Oxford Street

I was in Oxford Street yesterday on a very important blogger mission – honestly! Anyway, when that had finished and I’d wiped off the remains of a very tasty pancake from my chops, I had a [...]

High Street’s best: Swimsuits and cover-ups

So last week I said I’d be taking the plunge and going back to bikinis (after last summer’s frumpy swimwear). However, I know bikinis aren’t for everyone for various reasons. So I’ve pulled out a selection [...]

The bikini is back

Last year I vowed to never wear a bikini again – I thought it only fair to other holiday-makers. However, whilst I said ‘those days are over’ others were far braver – bikini-baring to their hearts [...]

Go ‘designer’ on a budget

There’s a craze sweeping the High Street and I can’t help but get all dizzy just thinking about it. Yep, designer collaborations are everywhere this year and the good news is that it means, with a [...]

Prints charming

Yes it may still be as chilly as the Arctic outside but a girl can dream of Spring, can’t she? What better way to work up a sweat than picking out a few potential high street [...]