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Week 3: Island hopping

I can’t believe how quickly the days are passing us by and it’s not like we’re idle. Far from it. This week we sailed from Samos, through the Eastern Sporades, the Northern Dodecanese and to the [...]

Week 2: A potter in Pythagorion

This week has, thankfully, been without any visits to Doctors or the near loss of limbs and we have sailed – talk about progress! As I type we’re moored in Pythagorion, Samos about a boat’s length [...]

Sailing the Greek Islands

I warned you yesterday that I was going to bore you with our sailing route. You’ve got off lightly until now so just indulge me a little, please. Here’s the first leg of our passage around [...]

The Bikini Diaires # 4 – quiche is not for the seasick

Lucky us. For the last two weeks we have been sailing around the Greek Islands. We’ve been to Samos, Agathanisi and Arki. Each place we go to is prettier than the one before. The waters are [...]