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Get the edge on 1930s fashion

Who watched the first part of the BBC’s drama Dancing On The Edge? If you did you’ll know just how amazing the 1930s fashion looked (and if you didn’t, well you’re in the right place…) As [...]

Power browse: Oxford Street

I was in Oxford Street yesterday on a very important blogger mission – honestly! Anyway, when that had finished and I’d wiped off the remains of a very tasty pancake from my chops, I had a [...]

Style update: The collar

It’s not often that you can buy one little item that will update your wardrobe, is it? However, this season’s embellished collars will do just that. I’ve had a snoop around online to find the cutest [...]

Prints charming

Yes it may still be as chilly as the Arctic outside but a girl can dream of Spring, can’t she? What better way to work up a sweat than picking out a few potential high street [...]