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Last minute beauty buys

At the airport I had to make a few last minute/essential beauty purchases as lack of suitcase space had meant I had no creams, lotions or potions. Short of time and having to keep an eye [...]

Review: Sooty in Space!

As the world didn’t end today we were able to head to Covent Garden to watch Sooty in Space. It turned out the cheeky bear and his pals Sweep and Soo were just the ticket for putting Mayan [...]

Review: Tea India

As I sit here writing this review I’m accompanied by a steaming hot cup of Masala Chai – just the thing for keeping me warm on a chilly winter’s day. Here’s my review of Tea India’s [...]

Tasty Review: Charlie Bigham’s

There are times when I thank my lucky stars that I get to review things for my blog, like when Scarlett, a PR for Charlie Bigham’s, asked if I’d like to try out their easy-to-cook range [...]

Review: Hot Dots Junior

I must admit when the opportunity arose to review Hot Dots the first thought that went through my mind was that they sounded like a dream come true. Could a pen device really motivate kids to [...]

mummyratesit tries: Zumba

Do you know who I blame for making Zumba so popular? That Shakira. If those hips of hers had lied and been wobbling around I wouldn’t have dragged myself along to a class and found out [...]

Review: Wildwood Wildlife Park

It was a washout of a weekend but did that stop us from getting out and about? No siree! Armed (or should that be legged) with wellies, rain macs and the promise of a warm lunch [...]

Win/Review: Justin Fletcher – Hands Up…The Album

Independent review: It’s seven thirty AM on a Saturday morning, I am dreaming of a huge jam doughnut, the red goo has just squirted out and is dribbling down my chin when … what’s this?… My [...]

Review/Win: The Land of Sometimes (CD)

All children wish for things and why shouldn’t they? Just this morning my daughter was screwing up her face concentrating really hard on turning her feet into a mermaid’s tail. Sadly the tail failed to materialise [...]

Review: Rockford’s Rock Opera (App)

Our kids love books. They have piles of them in their bedrooms, they suck-up catalogues, brochures and leaflets like a pair of famished anteaters and if it’s not being looked at it’s being listened to – [...]

Review: Launchpad

Yesterday was a day for some one-on-one parent and child bonding. Whilst Daddy and Ferne went to a birthday party on The Golden Hinde, I took Noah: serial fiddler, experimenter and general tinkerer to The Science [...]

Best on the box: Christmas films

From classics like Oliver Twist to fighting guinea-pigs and Gruffalo offspring. There are tons of films on the box to enjoy this Christmas. Here’s my pick of the best films on the box for children, parents [...]

What’s under the tree? No.5

With only 5 days to go ’til Christmas it’s time to put the presents under the tree – but what, I hear you ask, will they be? Today’s gift is small enough to fit in your [...]

What’s under the tree? No.4

With only 6 days to go ’til Christmas it’s time I started putting presents under the tree – but what, I hear you ask, will they be? Today’s gift is a terrific wind-up T-Rex – a [...]

What’s under the tree? No.3

With only 7 days to go before Christmas it’s time I started putting presents under the tree – but what, I hear you ask, will they be? Today’s gift is an arty crafty stocking filler for [...]