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Win/Review: Justin Fletcher – Hands Up…The Album

Independent review: It’s seven thirty AM on a Saturday morning, I am dreaming of a huge jam doughnut, the red goo has just squirted out and is dribbling down my chin when … what’s this?… My [...]

Review/Win: Cappi pens

I don’t know about you but in our house there are three things that go missing on a pretty regular basis. They are: pen caps, socks and elastic hair bands. You can never find the little [...]

Review/Win: The Land of Sometimes (CD)

All children wish for things and why shouldn’t they? Just this morning my daughter was screwing up her face concentrating really hard on turning her feet into a mermaid’s tail. Sadly the tail failed to materialise [...]

Review: Rockford’s Rock Opera (App)

Our kids love books. They have piles of them in their bedrooms, they suck-up catalogues, brochures and leaflets like a pair of famished anteaters and if it’s not being looked at it’s being listened to – [...]