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Review: POP For Addition and Subtraction

New to home-schooling and keen to keep learning time fun, we couldn’t wait to review POP for Addition and Subtraction from Learning Resources. Here’s how we got on… POP for Addition and Subtraction has become a [...]

Do parents and kids’ energy levels ever match?

I’ve spent a lot more time on my own with the kids recently and because of that I’ve noticed more and more how our energy levels are completely mismatched. I’m now beginning to wonder if they [...]

How to win ‘Gold’ in calm parenting

Last week I posted about how I was going to make 2012 the year I won an Olympic Gold in calm parenting. After hitting the roof about my son not sleeping (see the post No More [...]

No more Angry Bird!

Last night, five days into 2012 and I was still trying to think of some achievable New Year’s resolutions when from upstairs a thumping sound was heard. 5 mins later and I had a resolution but [...]

Time to roll up my sleeves …

Here I am, my second post and I am delighted to find out I have a ‘follower’. So a big shout out to Pinkoddy. Thank you and congratulations on your nomination for the Versatile Blogger Awards [...]