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How to get the best from online sales

Who needs to battle it out in the High Street mid-season sales when you can do it from the comfort of your home? Here are my tips for getting the best from the online sales… In [...]

What’s cool for kids at Igloo…

With half term, the festival season and ‘Summer’ just around the corner it’s time to give the kids’ wardrobe an update – well, that’s my excuse anyway! Igloo has rails (and pages) full of gorgeous, unique [...]

Diary of a Next fashion shoot

It’s hard to believe as I sit here at the dining table in my scruffy jumper, jumbo mug of tea by my side that yesterday I was somewhere very different. I was one of 8 bloggers [...]

Power browse: Oxford Street

I was in Oxford Street yesterday on a very important blogger mission – honestly! Anyway, when that had finished and I’d wiped off the remains of a very tasty pancake from my chops, I had a [...]

Matching mother and daughter outfits anyone?

On Sunday we rushed out of the door to meet some friends for lunch. When we got there, had secured a table and were finally able to take a deep breath I realised that Ferne and [...]

A palette of (bargain) pastels

Dare I say it but yesterday I was actually – shock – horror – a bit warm. Yes, I believe my cheeks may have gone from ghostly to a hint of rose. If Spring has sprung [...]

Prints charming

Yes it may still be as chilly as the Arctic outside but a girl can dream of Spring, can’t she? What better way to work up a sweat than picking out a few potential high street [...]