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Style update: The collar

It’s not often that you can buy one little item that will update your wardrobe, is it? However, this season’s embellished collars will do just that. I’ve had a snoop around online to find the cutest [...]

High Street’s best: Swimsuits and cover-ups

So last week I said I’d be taking the plunge and going back to bikinis (after last summer’s frumpy swimwear). However, I know bikinis aren’t for everyone for various reasons. So I’ve pulled out a selection [...]

In my wardrobe: Olivia Rubin and Lulu Guinness

As you may or may not know, I do love a spot of clothes shopping, so you can imagine how excited I was this week when I was able to get my mitts on not one [...]

A palette of (bargain) pastels

Dare I say it but yesterday I was actually – shock – horror – a bit warm. Yes, I believe my cheeks may have gone from ghostly to a hint of rose. If Spring has sprung [...]