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What’s under the tree? No.2

With only 8 days to go before Christmas it’s time I started putting presents under the tree – but what, I hear you ask, will they be? Today’s gift is a great toy for Primary school-age [...]

We’ve ‘done’ the Christmas bug

Parents can be sure of at least two visitors to their house at this time of year. The first, a bearded man with a BMI that suggests he should lay off the mince pies and the [...]

Diary of a ‘strike day’ parent

Calling all parents. What do you do when the teachers go on strike? I’ll tell you what we do. At mummyratesit HQ you fancy-dress-up, get out and about, lose a few teeth and demolish some seriously [...]

Review: vtech Kidizoom Plus

Ta da! Time for my first toy/prodcut review. Wanting to buy our four-year-old something with some staying power, we stumbled upon the vtech Kidizoom Plus camera. Six-months on and it has been put through its paces [...]

The wrong trousers

I need to get this off my chest... Today I forgot to send my son to school in his tracksuit bottoms. Don't worry, he is wearing trousers, just the wrong ones. This leisurewear fiasco has led [...]