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Fashion & Beauty Just for YOU — 30 August 2012

It’s not often that you can buy one little item that will update your wardrobe, is it? However, this season’s embellished collars will do just that. I’ve had a snoop around online to find the cutest collars out there…

There are a few different options when it comes to collar-wearing. Firstly, there’s collar shape which is either the Peter Pan rounded style or the pointy man-shaped lapels. Secondly, you can either buy a blouse or shirt with an embellished collar attached or buy a separate collar and wear it with any blouse/shirt you already have. Thirdly, you can buy both sorts (but don’t tell the bill payer I suggested that!)

best embellished collars on

Top row (l-r)
1. Zara, £29.99
2. ASOS, £20
3. River Island, £22
4. ASOS, £15
5. River Island, £28
6. Not On The High Street, £30

Bottom (l-r)
1. Dolly Dagger, £68
2. Dorothy Perkins, £25
3. Wallis, £5
4. Zara, £19.99
5. Black collared-shirt, Vero Moda £22
6. Zara, £39.99

Collars seem to range from the demure, pretty pearl affairs as per the ASOS versions (and check out the Wallis one at a bargainiforous £5 – yes only £5) or rocky, studded ‘I’m a sassy cowgirl’ type. So far I’ve noticed that many of the pearl coloured collars are being teamed with blues – perhaps because blue/indigo/purple are ‘the’ colours for A/W 2012. My only problem with this is that the if the two are too contrasting it conjures up an image in my mind of a nurse’s uniform (Open All Hours anyone?)

The separate collars, which either tie or fasten, work best on a crew neck and instantly transform a plain jumper or T-shirt. Remember of course that the colour you wear closest to your face will either illuminate and compliment or do nothing for you at all, so don’t ruin that gorgeous peach jumper which makes you look all glowy by putting a dark collar on it which makes you look like you haven’t slept for a week.

Michelle Hannell of
A little tip for all you frugal fashion lovers. A few years ago I searched on Ebay for a lace, sequined collar to update some Primark t-shirts. I did find one and it worked a treat. There’s a picture here to prove it. I’m not at all ‘crafty’ so don’t be put off it you’re not either – I (badly) handstitched it and it has stayed put despite numerous attempts at incompatible washing machine temperatures and being crumpled on the floor!


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