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I wanted to tell you about something that’s been playing on my mind but before I do let’s start by playing a game of ‘Spot the difference’. Below is a picture of two mums and their babies. One is Panna and her baby Sriti, the other is myself and my daughter Ferne, soon to be five-years-old…

Built it for Babies: help mothers like Panna

How many did you spot? There are certainly not many differences between the pictures. I see two healthy children being held by mothers that have that all-familiar contented look as they hold on tightly to their precious babies. However, the big difference appears under Panna’s name. Bangladesh. Geography, poverty and education play a cruel hand in her story. The huge differences are that two of Panna’s newborn babies died – both of mine have lived. Panna had to be carried for hours to a clinic in an upturned chicken coop whilst I was driven. I made it to the hospital whilst Panna lost one of her babies en route.

Panna’ story was just one of the many that I heard at the Save The Children Creating Connections Conference on Saturday. Statistics that shocked and brought tears and fears were commonplace that day. The good news, however, is that I feel we can make a difference. By supporting the Build it For Babies campaign, which launches on 23rd April, I hope to raise awareness and some money towards building life-saving clinics in some of the poorest and remotest areas of Bangladesh – Baniachong and Ajmeriganj in the north-east of the country.

So, for the next few weeks I hope you can understand why you’ll be seeing a lot more about Build it For Babies and the work of fellow bloggers as togher we #Blog if For Babies.


Life is perilous for children in Bangladesh: 1 in 19 children do not live to see their fifth birthday because access to basic services such as healthcare is very limited, particularly in rural areas. As a result, preventable diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhoea are claiming children’s lives at an appalling rate.

Save The Children’s clinics will reach:

21,500 women of child-bearing age with family planning services
3,000 pregnant women with antenatal care
2,190 newborn babies with postnatal care, breastfeeding support for their mothers and antibiotics when they become ill
2,218 infants aged up to one year, by helping their mothers to breastfeed and wean them safely and reducing the chance of life-threatening diseases such as diarrhoea and the risk of malnutrition
43,600 people in the area with information on how to stay healthy and where to get help if they do become ill.


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  1. A great post about the day Michelle – warm and simple – saying it just as it was. Let’s hope we can make a real difference. Nice to be working with you.

    • Nice to be working with you too. All these bloggers out there all doing their little bit will hopefully make a big difference. xx

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