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Homepage Slider Reviews — 15 January 2013

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of telling Noah that he’d won a competition with Tots 100 to become part of Team Skylanders Giants. As if the prospect of Christmas wasn’t enough, this news was the icing on the fruit cake…
Skylanders Giants, starter pack
The reaction to this news was spectacular. It can not be replicated by any human on the planet but I can tell you it involved running along the back of the sofa like an electrocuted cat! He was so excited by the news that we were all engulfed in the world of Skylanders, Tree Rex, Water, Tech and Earth types and KAOS – and that was before it had even arrived. And no, before you ask, it made absolutely no sense to me!

The starter pack comes with a Portal and 3 Skylanders Giants – Tree Rex, Cynders and Jet Vac. We plugged the portal into the Wii and from then on it was over to Noah to get to grips with the game. These days 7-years-old seem to know more about technology than we do so he was able to set it up before we’d even picked up the instructions pamphlet. Fortunately (for us) the set-up, visuals and the background story are basic and clear which allows a parent to take a back seat and watch the kids get stuck in.

I sound like a right old fart but I was really impressed with the graphics – they’re so good it’s like watching a film. Also, the way the characters move and the speed with which they switch from one to the other (you put your chosen Skylander on the Portal) is impressive. Of course, behind every member of Team Skylanders Giants is the all important back-stage-crew, in this case Ferne who changes Skylanders on the portal like someone in a F1 pit stop.

So far Skylanders Giants has been played with non-stop (well as non-stop as we allow). I did have concerns that it would be too aggressive but haven’t noticed any difference in Noah’s behaviour. Even so, we’ve imposed a half-hour screen time rule.

Friends who come round to play bring their own Skylanders and they have also started to take part in swaps (currently we’re fostering Trigger Happy). We only have one nunchuk (what a great word) so it has meant that players need to watch and wait for a turn rather than being able to play at the same time. Much like Ferne’s role of figure putter-onner the players in the waiting room take a back seat role calling out instructions.

Skylanders Giants cake made by mummy rates it

Sklylanders Giants has been such a hit that last weekend, for his 7th birthday, Noah requested a Skylanders Cake. A quick search and I found ‘Portal Cake’ instructions and sat his Tree Rex on top. The cake went down a storm and I’ve already shared tips with another mum.

Pocket money is already being saved up to buy new figures with Trigger Happy and Drobot being the faves. I went into a toy shop yesterday to see if they had any and was told they’re flying out the shop quicker than you can say ‘latest craze’. So be warned.

Watch this space for more from Team Skylanders Giants soon…


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