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A month or so ago I attended Save The Children’s ‘Build it for Babies’ conference and, much like all the other attendees, was moved beyond words by the circumstances and hardship faced by mothers and babies living in Bangladesh. As well as being a call to action it was also a wake up one – forget complaining about hospital cleanliness and inadequate staffing – boy, we have it easy!

Build if for Babies, Save the Children
At Save The Children’s Build it for Babies conference we heard how they hope to raise £1m to build 7 new clinics that will care for 3,500 newborn babies every year and help them to survive those perilous first 28 days of their lives. Whilst listening to their first-hand experiences the room-full of bloggers and vloggers was filled with silence – every parent in there couldn’t help but at some point compare their own lives and their babies with those in Bangladesh. I sat with a group of fellow Mummy bloggers namely: motherwifeme, dorkymum, tea&biscotti and cookiejarlife and we all decided to do something together to help raise awareness for Build it for Babies. I’m excited to say that right now, all over the wonder that is ‘t’internet’, posts are pinging and popping up to promote the project.

How can I ‘earn’ donations for charity?

Now, before you glaze over and think of all the money you already donate to other worthwhile charities we thought it might be a good idea to suggest a way that you could raise money for Save The Children without having to physically prise notes from your pocket. Instead, how good does raising money towards the clinics whilst you go about your usual online shopping sound? Pretty ace, I think you’ll agree.

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Say for example you do your food shopping online at Tesco, you could go to the Tesco site via Give As You Live and raise money for your chosen charity. Every time you shop through the site the retailer donates a set percentage on your behalf. All you need to do is choose which charity you’d like to receive your ‘earnings’ and it’s at this point we’d like to suggest you make it Save The Children.

Every penny you contribute really does count. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Build it For Babies site where the online clinic shows you exactly how and where your money will be used. For example, if you donate a fiver you’ll buy a brick towards one of the seven clinics, or a £9 donation will by a Foetoscope, a piece of equipment used by midwives to listen to a baby’s heartbeat in the womb.

I think and hope you’ll agree that, however you do it, donating money to Build It For Babies is really important. I know that as Mum I couldn’t bear to think about losing a child yet in the poorest parts of Bangladesh 11 newborn babies die every hour.

If I haven’t convinced you to donate maybe take a look at this video clip of Nirob, a little boy who at 10 weeks-old is really weak and unable to take on milk. He is vomiting and really poorly yet does not have access to even the most basic healthcare. To make matters even worse his mother has already lost 3 newborn babies to illness. There is no other word for it than heartbreaking.

Click HERE to watch Nirob’s story

Since the conference I have donated money directly to Save The Children (I am now the proud owner of a brick), given to the crazy Mamasaurus who has done all sorts of mad stuff (like swimming in below minus temperatures) in the name of blogging it for babies and I have signed up with Give As You Live and chosen Save The Children as my charity. Now I need to do that big Tesco online shop that I’ve been putting off for months – the softener being that I’ll be generating a donation to Save The Children at the same time.

Thanks for reading (and for hopefully donating in whatever way you can).

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