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We’d all like to have a little nest egg to put towards something in the future. Perhaps you’re saving for a holiday or you like the idea of opening an ISA? The good news is that even when times are tough and you’re feeling the pinch you can still do a few little things that will eventually add up to something big. In cahoots with those savvy gals at BritMums I’ve fessed up to some of my own little cracking great, nest egg building tips!
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Just BOGOF! (no offence intended)

If you asked me where I think I save the most money for my family I’d say it’s with vouchers, discounts and BOGOFs (my goodness I love that word). Yes, that’s me you’ve seen calculating whether the 3 for 2 or the 25% off offer on kitchen roll is the best deal. And, yes, that’s also me who held up your queue whilst I rummaged around in my bag saying: ‘I know I’ve got a voucher for that somewhere…’

I’ll admit, sometimes the discounts and vouchers aren’t really worth shouting about but other times they’re so good you can’t help but get a little bit sweaty. For example, last week we had a meal out and got a whopping great 40% off the bill. Now that’s what I call a ‘Barry Bargain’.

My surefire way to stick to a budget is to shop when you’re up against the clock. Like on a Wednesday when Ferne is at ballet. I quickly nip into the supermarket and do the ‘big shop’ in one hour flat. Yep. Usain Bolt has nothing on me. Limiting the time I have and sticking to a list keeps me and the spending under control.

Savings you can swallow

I also make the pennies go that bit further back in the kitchen. I expect you’ve heard it on the grapevine but I dish up a mean chili, a mouthwatering shepherd’s pie and a marvelous burrito. Mince is my mate – lean beef and veggie – both can be whipped up into a number of recipes. Just cook up a whopping great cauldron of a basic mince mix and freeze. Then you can simply defrost and adapt as needed. It’s cheap and it’s time saving – in fact, it’s one of those bottom-pocket-tapping moments that all Mums love. Another winner is packed-lunches. Yes, I know it can seem a bore and a chore but try spreading some pound signs on the bread with the margarine to help you remember how much you’re saving on school dinners!

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The Piglets save too

I’d like to think that my money saving ways have rubbed off on our children. Noah (6), aka Junior Alan Sugar, is already saving up for his first laptop. Most of the funds he gets are from Pops, who seems to have taken on the role of dishing out the pocket money, but he also supplements this by rooting down the back of the sofa. Likewise, our Ferne has already saved for and invested in her first pair of tap shoes – quite a feat (get it) for a 4 ½ year old.

Counting out the money that the children have saved in their piggy banks isn’t only a great way of showing them how their savings have grown but a wonderful math’s exercise too. In fact, I even have my own ‘grown up’ piggy bank called a ‘Wish Pot’. When it is full I get to smash it and a wish comes true. Knowing me I’ll be wishing that I’d smashed it in a more sensible place rather than spending the best part of an afternoon rooting under garden tables and pots for the runaway coins.

But enough about how wonderful I am at saving. How about you? Share your money saving stories or tips to take part in our Piggy Bank Tales Competition, sponsored by Virgin Money. You could win one of two £500 prizes which you can choose to invest in a Virgin Stocks and Shares ISA to jump start your own nest egg if you want to!

Taking part is simple:
1. On your blog, post your own Piggy Bank Tale. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or you’re into investing in the stock market, it doesn’t matter – your stories or tips can be fun, quirky or serious!
2. Add the link to your post on the Piggy Bank Tales Linky below by 17:00 GMT on 10th April.
3. Soon after that, we’ll pick two winners at random for the £500 prize.
4. Read the terms and conditions
5.Tweet about your involvement using the #VirginISA hashtag

We’d also love you to grab the badge and insert it in your post to help spread the word.

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear your piggy bank tales.


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  2. I know during that video I was supposed to be listening to money saving ideas but all I could think was, “where did she get that coat?!”

    • Ha ha! You know how to please me don’t you. £99 reduced from £200 in Joules – oops, there, I’ve done it again! Thanks x

  3. I do the big shop like that too – I call it speed-shopping. I also hate the supermarket so that helps me to get a shift on.

    I LOVE cashback websites for online shopping too, do you use them? In less than a year I’ve earned almost £50 on stuff I was going to buy anyway. Now what to spend it on…

    Lovely blog x

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