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Homepage Slider Reviews — 01 February 2013

I’m quite superstitious so when it comes to Magpies I’ve been known to grind to a halt, spit and salute them and only then continue with driving/talking/my day. One Magpie I won’t be spitting at is, a very nifty site where you can sell items such as laptops, Kindles, consoles, DVDs, CDs and even clothes. sell your stuff for free

Your ‘treasure’ can make some pennies!

Now I expect you’re wondering what makes this service any different from online auction sites? The first difference is you can sell stuff for free. The second is that musicMagpie pay you for items rather than an individual .

CDs for sale on musicMagpie

Roll up, roll up: sell your CDs on musicMagpie

On delivery musicMagpie check the items and as long as they aren’t covered in scratches or jam or both and are as you described you will receive funds by transfer, cheque, e-vouchers or you can donate the money to charity. Yes, but how much is it going to cost me to send 15 CDs and a laptop, you ask? Well this is the best part. Postage is FREE and there’s even a free courier service for Tech and heavier items over 10kg.

Worried about how to package it? Once all your items have been entered into the site musicMagpie will tell you how to pack up your goods. All you need to do is get your little legs to take you in the direction of the nearest Collect+ point or sort out the courier (you don’t even need to be at home for collection). In fact it’s so easy the hardest part will be deciding what to spend your earnings on. Kerching!

Find out how you can make money selling your ‘treasure’ for free by visiting or Facebook .

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