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Fashion & Beauty Homepage Slider — 10 March 2013

I’m loving the monochrome/graphic look that is currently (back) in fashion. It’s retro, it’s cool and it’s certainly easy to achieve. Either grab some black and white from what you already have in your wardrobe, add some accessories or take your pick from this selection from the High Street/on line…

monochrome/graphic fashion on mummy rates it

Monochrome: Main picture: Biker jacket from River Island £50; top right Monochrome dress by ASOS £55; bottom right dress by Zara £45.99, bottom row from l-r: trousers Zara £35.99, bangle by Dorothy Perkins £10, T shirt by Vera Moda £25, Tube skirt by Dorothy Perkins £14.99


Monochrome and graphic fashion has already been a hit in the celeb world. At the Oscars Nicole Richie, Kelly Rowland and Zoe Saldana all chose it to make a statement against the red carpet. Whilst my appearance on a red carpet is slim to zero I do have a bash to attend (our house leaving and we have no carpet at all!) I’ll admit I’m pretty taken with the ASOS dress, oh OK then you pushed me. I’ve ordered it! Why? I like the mixed patterns (sure to make everyone’s eyes go funny after a few drinks) and the flash of neon. This dress is part of ASOS’ own collection which I’m a big fan of (check out the flowery wiggle dress).

I’m also a big fan of the River Island tribal print biker jacket and it’s a really great price at only £50. You could wear this with denim or smarter with black trousers. Don’t take my word for the love of monochrome either. The Stylist mag (I wish it was easier to get a copy) has earmarked a number of items from Dorothy Perkins including the bargain-tastic striped tube skirt above.

It’s not all about splashing your cash. It’s also about looking at what you’ve already got. A quick rummage and I realised that I already own two ‘key’ monochrome/graphic pieces. The first is a black-and-white striped long sleeve, tie-up top and the second a pair of matching shoes originally bought for a fancy dress. Maybe you’ve got some monochrome madness tucked away in your wardrobe too? Go on, have a look.


What fashion trends are you enjoying? Do share…








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