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I warned you yesterday that I was going to bore you with our sailing route. You’ve got off lightly until now so just indulge me a little, please. Here’s the first leg of our passage around the Greek Islands….

Sailing the Greek Islands

Above is a map of our route. It’s very rough and it also looks like we’re being sponsored by Comic Relief! I’m sure there will be a great many comedy moments so the ‘red noses’ will remain!


When we leave Turkey we will be spending the first few months sailing around the Greek Isles. What’s not to like about beautiful blue seas, gorgeous sandy beaches, the food and the Greek culture? Eeeerrrcccchhh (that’s the sound of me reversing) the Feta. Oh, how I love eating Greek Salads, although last year there was a distinct lack of olives to go with the Feta. I hope conditions improve for 2013.

Our first port of call will be Samos. We went last year and dropped anchor in Pythagorion. It was easy to get the dinghy to shore and there was a nice, little pebbly beach surrounded by bars and restaurants. The water was so clean and clear that even the little fish couldn’t find any bits to nibble on so decided to start attacking us. You know how you can pay £50 to have little fish suck your feet in a swishy pamper parlour?  Well in Samos you can get that beauty treatment for free and seeing as most of your body is under water they don’t just stick to your feet.

I hadn’t realised or thought about it until now but Samos was the birth place of mathematician Pythagoras hence the name Pythagorion (feel free to use that in the pub quiz). On the way back we stopped off in Poseidonio which was a tiny place with a very sweet little pebble beach and a lovely taverna with a jetty. We had an open-mouthed moment (fortunately our mouths were hidden behind the books we were pretending to read) as a motor-boat full of adults and kids ploughed into the jetty with a big scrapy-bump. The ‘sailors’ then proceeded to settle down in the restaurant as if nothing had happened.

After Samos we’ll be sailing towards Naxos and Paros, two islands that have been recommended to us by a salty sea dog that Skipper met on a sailing course. Apparently there are tons of great places to drop anchor (we’ll be trying to avoid paying for marinas as they can be very expensive). Dropping anchor by the way is just one of the techniques that we’re going to have to get to grips with. We’re lucky as we have a powered windlass instead of having to ‘heave-ho’ but you do need to check that you’re ‘holding’.


Greek Islands, Mummy Rates It

Greek Islands: Top left: Agathonisi, top right: Arki, left centre: Naxos bottom left: Paros picture by

Last year the importance of checking you’re holding was reinforced when we got involved in a very exciting rescue. A yacht was not holding and began drifting around the bay bashing into other boats. The owners were off having a jolly lunch and none the wiser whilst Alex and a few others boarded and managed to get it to stay put – not before having an argument with a snotty German captain who thought the boat was theirs. I stood on deck of our boat giving Noah and Ferne a running commentary that got quite high-pitched when they got close to the rocks!

Anyway, I digress with my sailing tales (who knew I already had some?!) After Paros we’re going to potter around some other nearby islands: Ios, Folegrandos and Apollonia (I’m very keen to go to Santorini but it might be too far off route) before heading towards Athens.

We thought Athens would be a great educational opportunity to show the kids the Acropolis. I expect by then it’ll be nice to see a bit of City life (we I will be missing London).

Safely topped up with views of traffic and busy busy busy, we’re going to sail along the Corinth Canal. Apparently there are certain techniques, procedures and rules to follow (whoosh over my head) when sailing a canal. This might be one of the many times that I disappear ‘down below’ and do things really useful like ‘make some tea’.

When we emerge from the ‘other side’ we’ll be in the Ionian and visiting Cephalonia, Lefkas and Ithaca. We’ve been to the first two before and I have to say they are stunning (time to dust off the Louis de Bernières). Sailing around these islands will be made even more wonderful because we’re going to be joined by some very dear friends from Australia (with their kids too!)

So there you have it. Part 1 of our trip. I can tell you it’s quite something writing this all down on the blog. So far just reeling it off to folk makes it all seem a long way off. Now putting this down permanently makes it seem very ‘real’. It will be interesting for me (not you, don’t worry) to revisit this page during the trip and see if we stick to plan. I’m expecting that we’ll find so many places we love that what should be days here turn into weeks which will mean some places simply get missed out.

I hope you’ve found the first part of our travel plans of interest. If you have you’re in luck as I’ll be telling you about Sicily, Sardinia, Ibiza, Morocco, Spain, Canary Islands, the rally and the Caribbean soon! If it is a complete bore then I suggest you stick to the usual ‘Mummy Rates It fodder’ and don’t venture near to the Sailing/Travel category ever again!

Of course, if you’ve visited any of these places, can recommend where to go (or even where not) then please, please do let me know.

Michelle x



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  1. *Sigh* All sounds wonderful. If you’ve already been to Cephalonia then you’ll know it’s surpisingly posh, so you’ll need to dust down your heels as well as that lovely book! Lovely plan. Keep ‘em coming! xx

    • We went there about 10 years ago and it didn’t seem very posh then. Mind you, we were staying on a boat at the time – 3 of us so we weren’t exactly ‘lording it up’. We are going to Sardinia to and apparently that is also glam-frock territory. Oh well, if I must… xx

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