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Reviews — 27 February 2012

Independent review: It’s seven thirty AM on a Saturday morning, I am dreaming of a huge jam doughnut, the red goo has just squirted out and is dribbling down my chin when … what’s this?… My dreams are interrupted by the sounds of a clubby, Eurovision-esque beat, stamping feet and general merriment coming from the pink room next door.

Hands Up ... The Album by Justin Fletcher an independent review by

Independent review: Justin's Hands Up gets the thumbs up!

Dragging myself out of bed and peering around the door, I see Ferne, a very wide awake 4-and-a-half year-old leaping around the room and throwing her hands up and down in time to the music. Who is responsible for such an energy blast at this time in the morning? Justin Fletcher, that’s who.

Justin, who has been gracing the screens of CBeebies in the various guises of Mr Jolly, Mr Tumble, Opera Oliver, Rod and Annette, Keith Fit and Doctor Doctor now comes in CD form. His latest offering, Hands Up…The Album is a collection of well-known children’s songs such as The Hokey Cokey, The Grand Old Duke of York and Incy Wincy Spider.

Hands Up, which is the first track on the album, is a hot new tune for Justin fans. Not only is it extremely infectious it transported me back to the late 1980s with its Ibiza vibe. Toe-tapping away in my slippers, I thought it would make an excellent tune for an aerobics class but somehow I don’t think Justin had that in mind – he’s all about the kids. Ferne loved the fact that she could sing along to Justin’s other songs – adding the actions as she went along. No sooner had Justin’s Lullaby (the last track on the CD) finished than Hands Up was blaring out once again. So much for going back to dreaming of doughnuts…

There can be no doubt – Justin definitely has the ‘X’ factor when it comes to entertaining the kids which makes this CD a sure winner in the present-buying stakes for the 1-5 year-old group. He also works a treat for adding some energy into those ‘are we there yet?’ car journeys and is really handy for birthday parties too.

So Justin’s new CD get the thumbs and hands up from the little people in our house – he’d get the thumbs up from me too if he’d just pipe down til around 9am!!

Justin Fletcher’s,
Hands Up – The Album is released on 5th March 2012, £8.99

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With thanks to Louise at Rock and Roll Baby World for the review and competition copies of Justin Fletcher’s Hands Up… The Album

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(9) Readers Comments

  1. My hands go up when i’M BEING TICKLED

  2. My hands go up when……Im dancing like a crazy lady to all my kids fav songs. One minute Justin Bieber then Justin Fletcher….and I wonder why Im crazy!

  3. My hands go up when i am dancing with my girls

  4. FB – Sarah Littleboo Anguish
    My hands go up when…someone offers chocolate or cake


  5. My hands go up whenever I see anything new from Justin Fletcher. My girls love him and I do too!! My eldest doesn’t like watching tv but will watch Something Special or Justin’s House, so its the only time when I can get my jobs done or have a cuppa in peace! They love singing along with him and this cd would be great for them!

  6. My Hands Go Up….when I’m getting down to Justin’s obscenely catchy tunes! You’ve got to love him!!
    I like you on Facebook as Wendy McDonald.

  7. My hands go up when Justin’s House is on because I can have a sit down and a cuppa for half an hour! x

  8. My hands go up when I’m bouncing on the trampoline with the kids and trying to stop myself from falling over!!

  9. My hands go up whenever anyone dangles a tasty treat near me or when i pull out my funky ‘robot’ moves to embarrass my daughters!

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