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Reviews — 07 February 2013

I’ve been asked by Vanish to test their Oxi Action Powder and see how it good it is at removing the countless stains that we usually accumulate over a week. However, just like when you buy a sledge and it then doesn’t snow, we have been living through a veritable stain drought.

Noah and Ferne, the school uniform has been known to have ground-in stains

You’d think with two children aged 5 and 7 that I’d be cursing stains on a daily basis, wouldn’t you? But the little blighters have been really good. However, what I’ve realised is while our hands are pretty shake-free when carrying a cup of blackcurrant squash we are very, no make that extraordinarily good, at creating grubbiness. Particularly when it comes to making white school shirts look thoroughly wishy-washy.

Whoever thought it was a good idea for kids to wear white shirts as part of a uniform does not do the washing. After just a few weeks of wear the sparkling little white polos begin to take on a very sorry looking grey state. The brightness disappears and is replaced by ‘dish cloth’.

Armed with a tub of Oxi Action Powder for whites I added a scoop full to my wash. I’ll admit that I wasn’t blown away or dazzled by the appearance when they came out of the wash, however, some days later when the items were eventually put on hangers I did give them a second glance. They were brighter and fresher looking and dare I say it, verging on respectful – something to do with the Oxi Powerlift.

Oxi Action Powder also comes in a pink tub for use on colours. Again, no real stains to deal with (I’ve been tempted to throw a glass of Merlot over my husband) but I did put some Oxi Action in with his T-shirts. Some of them have been around longer than me, so anything that gives them a bit of pizzazz is welcome. Much like the experience with the powder for whites the colours did perk up and revive.

If I ever did decide to chuck that glass of wine over a nearby target (what a waste) I could head over to the Vanish site and swat up on stain removal solutions. The Stain Solver has just about every type of stain you can possibly get from wine, to coffee stains and how to remove blood. Accidental spillage of course.

*I received Vanish products for review purposes. All opinions and words are my own.


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