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The Tropic Skincare range of products are all cruelty free, vegan friendly and made with 100% plant derived proteins, antioxidants and vitamins but that does not, believe me, make them namby pamby…

Tropic, Body Smooth Refreshing Polish

Tropic Skincare is the brainchild of Susan Ma, finalist in the 2011 Apprentice. That means nothing to me as I don’t watch the show but I was impressed to learn that Lord Sugar has invested his cash in Tropic so I reckon even though he doesn’t look the type to use Body Love Buttercream or Lip Love Nourishing Balm he knows a good idea when he sees one.

I tried the Body Smooth Refreshing Polish, £19.95 which is packaged in a gold-lidded pot. The packaging is keen to tell you that it contains a 100% natural polish that’s packed with organic sea minerals and pure plant oils. Not content with that it also promises to stimulate, smooth, soften and energise the skin (phew!).

The ‘refreshing’ element to its name is certainly true. It contains, amongst others, the heady-scents of Lemon Myrtle, Patchouli, Lime and Eucalyptus. The smell on opening the pot is amazing – make that inspiring. There couldn’t be a smell that is more opposite of a dull, grey, chilly London than this! In fact it smells so good you could almost eat it which is why I licked it (but I don’t recommend doing that as it’s very salty because of the sea minerals).

To use you apply a small amount to dry skin and begin working in the polish. It is very grainy but easy to move as it is oily. I learned that you do not need to rub hard (I went a bit over the top and it hurt) as the graininess does the hard work for you. I had to use quite a bit of product to cover my whole body on the first go (pretty bumpy) but the second time I needed much less.

In particular I concentrated on the tops of  my arms and my back – such a satisfying feeling rubbing off that dry skin. Afterwards I showered off the polish, using my hands to help rinse away the grains of sea minerals. My skin felt soooooooooo soft. Those little bumps on the tops of my arms had nearly all gone and instead my skin was smooth and coated in a very light film of the oil.

My skin was very well moisturised after using the polish which meant there was no need to use body lotion. The citrus scent remained on my body for most of the day and it was nice to catch a passing note of lemon every now and then.

It is recommended that you use the polish between 1-3 times a week. From trying it out a few times I can see that the polish will last for some time as you can make a little go a long way. Good news because at £19.95 I am keeping it as a once weekly polish and as it feels so luxurious for special occasions such as Christmas Day.  Any of the products from the range (there is a cleanser, toner, nourishing cream, face polish, lip balm, eye roll-on and body buttercream) would make lovely gifts. It’s also a range worth mentioning to friends who like to avoid chemicals or are vegan.



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  1. Those of us who did see The Apprentice will find this REALLY interesting. She was lovely girl with a v successful market stand. Glad to see she’s making a success of her business despite not winning. She’s only young, but was really ambitious. Great to see!

    • Thanks for that Anya. She looks very nice and she’s obviously impressed Lord Sugar who has invested his own wonga in Tropic Skincare. The Polish was lovely and according to all the reviews on the site so is the rest of the range. I’m sure she’ll do really well. x

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