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As I sit here writing this review I’m accompanied by a steaming hot cup of Masala Chai – just the thing for keeping me warm on a chilly winter’s day. Here’s my review of Tea India’s latest offerings…

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Our cupboard above the kettle is jam-packed with boxes of teas. It’s fair to say it’s a  feng shui nightmare, especially considering many of the teas are supposed to have a calming effect. The number of different teas I drink means I’m no stranger to black teas, herbal teas and Chai (I regularly drink a Spiced Tea) so it was interesting to compare how new recruits Masala Chai and Black Tea from Tea India would fare.

In order to sum up the deliciousness that is the Masala Chai I’m going to have to go a bit Jilly Goolden (remember her?) For starters the tea bag has a really heady mix of spices. A big sniff (sorry, not a very glam description) results in a cleansing of the nostril. You get a twitch and a sneeze as the spicy mix fills the nose. A look at the ingredients: Black tea, ginger root, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and star anise explain the reaction.

When it comes to the taste test the Masala tea is generous in flavour – great to find that all that promise of exoticness is not lost by bag sumbersion (how technical am I!) The drink conjures up a warming effect, making my throat and tummy heat up nicely and takes me from SE19 to places much further afield.

I’m not surprised to learn that the Masala Chai has recently received a 1 Star Gold rating in the Good Taste Awards for its authentic Indian blend – I’ve had the real McCoy and this cuppa is pretty close to the mark. Likewise, the Black Tea has also won awards but this time a 2 Star Gold rating.

The everyday tea, for your more ‘regular’ cuppa, is made using a premium black tea blend with a high Assam content. The bag smells very traditional and takes me back to childhood tea drinking with my grandparents (I think it’s because they always drank tea leaves from a pot which has a stronger, fresher, leafy smell).

The drink itself is very refreshing and flavoursome and gives good satisfaction (sip to sigh ratio is good) – a great improvement from some of the blander tea bags we’ve tried over the years.

A minor note, but one worth mentioning, is about the lovely packaging. The black box coupled with the Indian tea pot design is really eye-cathing – so much so that I won’t mind it doofing me on the head when it falls out of our cupboard!

  •  I received the Masala and Black Tea to review. Words and opinions are my own.
  • Tea India’s range of Chai (Masala, Vanilla and Cardamom) and black tea are available from selected Tesco Booths stores.


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