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Nothing says Christmas-time like getting a game out of its box – even better when it’s a newbie and one that both kids and adults can enjoy. We review Spin Mania – the game that requires speed, agility… and batteries!


Spin Mania by Drumond Park

I’ve been a bit rubbish as Spin Mania had sat in our dining room for a very long time without being played. The only reason we’d not played it is that it requires batteries and not the sort that are usually rolling around in our disorganised kitchen drawer with the screwdriver, takeaway menu and a roll of Selotape. It actually took me about 2-months to remember to get the 2 x C/LR14 batteries required (confession over) so if you’re anything like me my first tip would be buy them when you buy the game!

No surprises then that when it finally came to reviewing Spin Mania we needed no introduction to the concept – goodness knows we’d been looking at the box and the instructions for long enough! The game is a test of speed and agility. Simply put you begin by getting your 3 plates spinning on the Spin Base then try to move them (with a plate handle) to 3 bases. Easy? Well, not when it’s done against a timer. (I don’t know if my kids are strange but they get overly anxious with timers so I did have to keep fiddling it!)

We started out with a few test runs with everything on the table and in easy reach so that we could get to grips with the game. Once we’d got used to it we began to play it as per the rules and moved the bases to trickier spots around the dining room – eg. under the table, on the floor and in the fireplace.

The game is pretty simple, the best one often are, but it does involve agility and concentration. At around the £12 mark you should make sure that you kids are dexterous enough to be able to play. The game is labelled as being suitable for is age 6+ which I would say is a fair estimate.

As a family we found Spin Mania was a fun way to pass some time indoors and the kids played it together and at times on their own. I appreciated the way that the kids (5 1/2 and nearly 7-years-old) were able to set up and play the game entirely on their own. It also brought about some lovely dialogue between the kids with them congratulating each other on their prowess and

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