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Homepage Slider Reviews — 21 December 2012

As the world didn’t end today we were able to head to Covent Garden to watch Sooty in Space. It turned out the cheeky bear and his pals Sweep and Soo were just the ticket for putting Mayan prophecy aside and blasting us off into the festive season…

Ferne at Sooty in Space

Little Sooty has been doing the entertainment rounds for over 60 years so he carries a bit of showbiz kudos. So much so, that pre-show it was hard to tell whether the adults or the kids were more excited to see him.

These days Sooty and his mates are in the hands (literally) of Richard Cadell, who conducts Sooty in Space with great aplomb. Richard gives it a bit of panto welly, interacts with the audience (there was a very touching moment when a hardcore fan in a Sooty jumper got up on stage) and carries the show in such a way that the real stars shine.

Sooty prepares for his space mission, much hampered by Sweep who is still as naughty, mischievous and squeaky as he was when I used to watch the show. Soo (what an amazing voice) has good intentions but isn’t much help either. So, as you’d expect, the trip to space doesn’t go to plan which means the gang – along with the audience – get to go to space too!

There are Martians, a green three-legged monster, bangs, fireworks, a dance routine and a 3D section where you don your Sooty 3D specs. I have to say this was really the only let-down of the show as the specs are much too big for kids and kept slipping off. However, you don’t really need to wear them to enjoy the glow-in-the-dark effects and I noticed that by the end of that section most of the audience had taken theirs off and still looked happy.

Noah at Sooty in Space

The show ran for just over 1 hour without an interval or any complaints or fidgets. Near the finish I even had a little whisper in my ear: ‘I don’t want it to end’. Can’t ask for more than that, can you?

Sooty In Space is at the Duchess Theatre and runs until the 5th Jan 2013.

*We received complimentary tickets for review purposes however, all words and opinions are my own.


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