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Homepage Slider Reviews — 27 September 2013

The kids are big fans of Postman Pat so I knew that the Learning Resources Post Office would be lots of fun. What I hadn’t considered, however, were the ‘learning opportunities’ it would provide…


Noah and Ferne playing the Pretend & Play Post Office

The Pretend & Play Post Office is a neat little customer – it comes tucked up in a Velcro case that you can carry around the house whilst seeking-out customers. It also means that at the end of the day everything will be (ahem) neatly packed and stowed away.

What’s inside the kit?

The Pretend & Play Post Office comes with a Post Box (of course), pockets and notepads for: driving license; TV license; fishing license and passport application. There are handy wipe-off boards (pen included) for foreign currency; a notice board; scales and a clock. There are also parcels; envelopes; stamps and currency (£, $ and €) meaning every little postman or lady is ready and set for even the most demanding of customers.

How we used it for play

Quick and easy to assemble it only took us seconds before we were playing. Mostly we took turns being customers and both roles were enjoyed by all. The kids enjoyed using the Open and Closed sign which signaled either a warm welcome or the need to make a hasty retreat! Our favourite games to play were filling in the forms followed by a hearty stamp to make them ‘official’.

At 6 and 7-years-old both children were able to get on and play alone (although I admit I did enjoy joining in).

We all appreciated the wipe-off tax disc and labels which meant you don’t have to waste tons of paper – perfect for younger kids who want to scrawl over things!


How we used it to learn

I can see numerous ways the Pretend & Play Post Office helps the kids to learn (in fact I’m pretty sure I once saw a kit in the kids’ classroom). Using it at home (bearing in mind we’re home-schooling) I found it helped with:

  • Counting money and working out change. This is something we’re constantly going over in our home-schooling. The coins and notes were really useful both in play and in school-time.
  • Working out weights and measurements of parcels helps kids to feel comfortable and confident with its use in day-to-day life.
  • The form filling works well as a tool for handwriting practice and forming letters that sit on the lines. They also help to introduce new vocabulary – it’s not everyday we discuss fishing licenses!
  • Playing the role of shopkeeper improves the interaction with each other (brother and sister) and grown-ups. The use of a structured language gives children the confidence to ‘play’ at being an adult – they quickly learn the language of the Post Office. ‘Exactly where are you planning to travel to Mummy?’…

Ferne with the Pretend & Play Post Office


Do the kids Rate It?:

Ferne, 6 says: ‘My favourite thing is giving out the forms for people to fill in’. Whilst Noah, 7 says: ‘I really liked the Post Box and signing the car tax. That was really fun!’
Our verdict? First Class!

Info and Free Postage offer!

At £35.94 from Learning Resources (free postage for Mummy Rates It readers) the Post Office Kit is a good price. I can see that a family would get a lot of mileage/use out of it (thanks to the wipe-off pen and plenty of forms).  It’s also a game that can be played by a range of age-groups offering different and age-appropriate learning opportunities.


  • Take advantage of free delivery of the Pretend & Play Post Office Kit (or any other product from the Learning Resources site) by using this code: BLOGGER13
  • The above code expires on the 31st December 2013

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  1. I used to love things like this when I was little! Post office sets, little letter writing sets and best of all I had a little office in a case with a pretend typewriter and phone. The little envelopes and stamps etc were lovely! Hours of fun!

    • Me too Hilda. I used to have a mini fruit and veg market that I loved. It’s all the little bits and bobs that they love and the way that they are exact replicas of ‘grown up’ things. Thanks for commenting. Michelle x

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