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New to home-schooling and keen to keep learning time fun, we couldn’t wait to review POP for Addition and Subtraction from Learning Resources. Here’s how we got on…

Michelle from Mummy Rates It playing Pop for Addition and Subtraction with the children

Michelle from Mummy Rates It playing Pop for Addition and Subtraction with the children

POP for Addition and Subtraction has become a big player in our home-schooling schedule – in fact, it’s often the opener to our maths sessions. In the box you’ll find a spinner and a big pile of gumball cards (there are 90 in total) which each have a simple maths sentence on the back (like 7 + 3 or 2 + 3).

We start with Game 1 which involves spinning and picking up the relevant amount of cards. If the player can answer all the questions on the cards they get to keep them. The number sentences are pretty simple so even Ferne, who is 5 nearly 6, can answer them quickly. If you want to extend the play you can move on to Game 2 which involves picking a card and, depending on the spinner, coming up with that amount of number sentences with the same answer.

I often find that starting with POP for Addition and Subtraction gets brains in gear and helps to find a focus for the session. Over a month of use we also use the game to:

1. Ask children to reverse maths sentences.
2. I give false answers to the questions and the first to correct me gets my card.
3. I ask the children to find all the similar number bonds to 10.
4. We collect cards in number groups eg. 3 + 7, 7 + 3, 10 – 3, 10 – 7
5. We group the cards in 3s or 4s and then work on times tables – I tailor this to each child
6. We use groups of cards to work on division

Pop for Addition and Subtraction by Learning Resources
Other methods suggested on box are: Using a timer and the first to ten cards.

As you can see, POP for Addition and Subtraction is a simple game but, like most things, these are the things that tend to work well. The children are already quicker to answer the questions and I find they are great way of backing up maths questions that crop up over a session. Although we’ve used this game as part of our home-schooling it’s simple and fun enough for any family to use.

Its size makes it easy to transport on holidays and ideal for people like us who, being on a boat, have very limited space. Being so small it would also make a great present to send. £8.34 from Learning Resources it is well worth its money as it has so many uses. In fact, we reckon POP for Addition and Subtraction adds up to a great game!

  • I requested a review copy of POP for Addition and Subtraction in return for an honest and non-biased review. Thank you.


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