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Reviews — 09 March 2012

Independent Review: A big, brown parcel arrives at our house and chaos ensues. We all know what’s underneath the wrapping, we’ve all seen it on TV but before now we’ve never got our trotters on it. Yes, Pig goes Pop! hits SE19 and it’s not only the pig that’s left squealing…

Independent review: Pig goes Pop! by Drumond Park

Watch the porker pop: Pig Goes Pop! by Drumond Park

We’ve only just recovered from the excitement/terror of Dino Bite so when I’m assured that a popping pig is going to go down OK with a jumpy four-year-old you can forgive my hesitation. Our testing day happens to be the day when Ferne has been off school with a ‘stomach ache’ so jumpiness is surely at an all time high. However, the arrival of the porker does not send her under the covers, instead she’s miraculously cured and out of bed.

Setting up is easy, no batteries are required (give me five) and just a quick read through of instructions and you’re off! To play the game you place all the burgers face down and roll a dice. Then, depending on the colour you’ve rolled, you pick up a corresponding burger and see what number is printed underneath. You then have to put the burger in the pig’s mouth and push down hard on his head the number of times shown on the burger.

Pumping the pig’s head makes his belly expand until his belt can take no more and POP his coat opens. There are squeals, grunts and snuffles – ‘Oooh’ I say panicking, quickly checking that Ferne is coping. Yes, she is. In fact, she’s rolling around the floor laughing her head off. The stomach ache a distant memory and her only problem now is that she can’t reset the game quick enough to have another go.

Pig Goes Pop! is proof that sometimes its the simple things that appeal to kids as it proudly boasts a ‘Best Game 2010′ award. From a parent’s perspective it’s great to find a game that is fun to play but also has some educational value. I managed to sneak in a few ‘Ok, so you did 4 pushes last time and now you’re doing 1 more push -how many pushes is that altogether?’ It’s also a real bonus that it’s simple enough for the kids to be able to set up themselves, making it a game one to get out when friends come over to play.

Pig Goes Pop! £16.99 For stockists visit

With thanks to Drumond Park for the review copy of Pig Goes Pop!


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  2. We have this game and the kids love it. Noah got it for Christmas!

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