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There must have been a time when you’ve wished for a magic wand that you could wave and it would entertain the kids. Well now there is one. Entertaining, energetic and easy to master here’s how we got on with the Magic Moves Electronic Wand.

Magic Moves Wand
When the Magic Moves Wand arrived at Casa Mummy Rates It there was much excitement. Within seconds of it being ripped out of its packaging the kids were off and happily playing (thankfully the batteries were already included – a real rarity these days).

Press a button and the Magic Moves Wand plays different styles of music and gives commands to get your little ones moving about. There are 90 different actions and music pieces to get them to do things like stomping like elephants and soaring like eagles.

It’s always interesting to watch how kids play with toys. If I was to guess I’d say that Noah would find it too girly and young but he actually took on a role of button presser and watched as Ferne and I acted out the actions. He even had the cheek to comment that my animal impressions were ‘rubbish!’

Within minutes we were falling about laughing. I must admit having net-free windows made me slightly self-conscious that passers-by would see me flapping like a butterfly and think I’d finally lost the plot.

Aimed at the 3+ market the Magic Moves Wand was easy for Ferne, 5 to master. It was her idea to pack it away for half term holidays at the grandparents. Noah, 7 has shown no interest in it since the first play so since then Ferne has kept it under her jurisdiction. At the moment she likes to get it out when friends come round to play but they seem more interested in using it mock microphone style.

Promotes creative movement, gross motor skills, and physical activity
Develops listening skills and ability to follow directions; enriches vocabulary (sway, prowl, creep, leap…)
Handy for parties and group games
Great present idea
Gets kids up and moving about
Compact size makes it great for travelling and for taking away on holidays.

I’d say more suitable for 3 and 4-year-olds

For more details about The Magic Moves Wand and other great educational toys visit Learning Resources.

DISCLAIMER: I received the Magic Moves Electronic Wand for review purposes. Words and opinions are my own.


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