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When a new, fluffy, whiter than Simon Cowell’s teeth bath sheet from John Lewis’ House collection turned up for review it showed my other bath towels up for what they were… greying, old and scratchy…

John Lewis House collection of bath towels

The House range of products from John Lewis is in their words ‘designed to be at the heart of a contemporary home: well thought out, well made and surprisingly affordable. The feel is modern and uncluttered; useful products that you’ll love to live with.’ You may wonder how this translates in the world of bath towels? Surely there isn’t much you can do with a plain white towel that makes it stand out from the crowd?

The differences, are my friends, in the detail or rather the lack of dobby border (technical term). What this means to you and me is that rather than a thickish flat section mid towel this white John Lewis bath towel has a thin, neat, ribbed border at the edge. It sounds like a very minor detail but it really does take it from everyday to ‘contemporary’. Secondly, the thickness of the towel for a ‘basic’ range is impressive. The towel looks and feels fluffy and thick and in use it soaks up the water without leaving me covered in fluffy bits.

I must say the towel looked so nice hanging on the back of my door that was until it came in close range of other white towel imposters. It showed up our motley collection for the disgrace that they are!

With Guest Towels starting at £4 and a Bath Sheet coming in at £15 a set or two of these is certainly affordable. So much so that you’d be able to spruce up your own set and get a couple for guests (I always struggle to make our towels look impressive when splayed out on the sofa bed!)

The House range extends into all areas of home ware including the kitchen, bathroom, living and dining areas.

*Disclaimer: I received the John Lewis House Bath Towel to review. Words and opinions my own.Thank you.


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  1. I’ve had some John Lewis Bath Sheets for about fifteen years and we still use them all the time – they seem as good as new, but I haven’t put them next to any new ones! They’re are absolutely brilliant value and nothing else compares!

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